#2022 Comeback of the Year Nominees | UFC HONORS ctmmagazine.com

#2022 Comeback of the Year Nominees | UFC HONORS ctmmagazine.com

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Toyo Tires presents the 2022 UFC Honors Comeback of the Year nominees. Make your selection by voting in the Community tab on the UFC YouTube channel or on other UFC social channels.

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36 thoughts on “#2022 Comeback of the Year Nominees | UFC HONORS ctmmagazine.com

  1. These fight's are decided on a nano second that drilled right by adsanya in round one was beautiful 10 more seconds and he would still be champion seem's to be the story of adsanya life fighting alex pereira

  2. The face to face after round 4 between Edwards and his coach is the ultimate Rocky moment right there. Considering he was basically losing the fight, the belt on the line, opportunity of a lifetime after so long, his history with Usman…HAS to be comeback of the year

  3. The thing that shocked me about Alex a lot is the backstory and also seeing how everything led up to this. Izzy was phenomenal as a champion successful title defenses for some of the best at middleweight and even though there were a few times you could argue, he played it safe man went out and did what he had to do. Then you look at Alex who was basically working his way into the mixed Martial arts game comes into the UFC not only wins Three fights, but manages to not only dethrone Adesanya, but takes the belt in his fourth fight that to me is a crazy story.

  4. Gregory Rodriguez comeback is very underrated, no one is paying attention, it's unreal what he did coz he got rocked and was left battered after Round 1. That being said Edwards ko on an Usman who no one thought was beatable when it mattered in Round 5 of a title bout was massive! The talk his corner gave him before the last round started and he looked a defeated man before getting him with a leg kick out of nowhere that knocked him straight out was CRAZY!

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