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There are a few things people think about WordPress that could use some clearing up. Usually these are from what they have heard from others rather than personal experience. In this video, we will talk about the 9 most common misconceptions about WordPress.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

1. WordPress was previously only a blogging platform but has grown and is used for many types of sites.

2. WordPress is very secure and can be improved uppon using sites like Sucuri

3. WordPress by default may not support a ecommerce solution you can integrate many third party plugins to make it work with ecommerce.

4. People think that because it is free there may be a chance it will just go away one day. With the community behind it there is very little chance of this.

5. There is tons of community support through documentation, support forums, and chatrooms to get your questions answered.

6. WordPress was developed by a community by a community that wants to see it succeed so it is not low quality.

7. With multiple themes available you can make your site look however you like.

8. WordPress can be used with people who know CSS and html which gives it tools for advanced users.

9. WordPress powers many high traffic sites like list25 which shows it can handle high traffic.


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