#Andrew Tate Support Makes Journos RAGE At Asmongold, Adin Ross, Sneako & More! webfinet.com

#Andrew Tate Support Makes Journos RAGE At Asmongold, Adin Ross, Sneako & More! webfinet.com

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21 thoughts on “#Andrew Tate Support Makes Journos RAGE At Asmongold, Adin Ross, Sneako & More! webfinet.com

  1. The funniest thing about this is proponents of Blue Anon shit like Russiagate and Pisstapegate and Taxreturnsgate and who are also guilty of blowing things like Pizzagate out of all proportion in order to smear 'crazy right wing conspiracy theorists' are now the ones saying a pizza box in the background of a picture proves that someone is guilty of sex trafficking.

  2. the problem is nobody trusts journalists anymore and this is another example of why. can we actually wait and see what the evidence is? or is this no longer acceptable? if he is guilty of trafficking then he can rot in prison

  3. Not gonna lie, I feel some Americans here are dumper then a sack of Rocks, How in the world would Biden or Trump be able to set him free… Why does so many Americans think Romania is in the States.
    If the court get 30days extension, it means they do have evidence.

  4. Ok the judge didn't "beg" for a 30 day arrest it's a normal procedure here when you think the culprit will leave the country since we have too many rats seeking "political asylum" in other countries after they were allowed to be free while under investigation.
    Whether Tate would have a reason to flee or not remains to be seen but if after 30 days he'll be found 'not guilty' the state will pay him for the inconvenience/damages which means there is a reason for the 30 day detainment since my government doesn't like giving money.

    Out here it's highly suspected that he got in contact with shady people that got him some girls for V-Chat which turned out to be trafficking victims. So if it's true he'll have to snitch on them or be accused of being an accomplice.
    +Most people here don't even know who he is and those that know about him treat him as another ignorant westerner with money.

  5. I don' know who this tate bloke is nor do i care. influences are typically morons encouraging others to do stupid stuff.
    to have influencers weaponize their fans, that's asking for trouble when they should stay out of things and let the real adults do what is needed to do.

  6. My sister has a friend that dated a guy whose cousin's neighbor knows someone in the Romanian Police. Charges against Andrew Tate are based on factual evidence. Even his confidential inside source confirmed.

  7. You don't know why you're watched… well the reason I watch you is first you're not annoying to listen to but then you cover just about everything in a reasonable fashion with concervive slant with depth

  8. I don't watch him. I've seen a few of his videos and for the most part, I agree with his views And stances.
    I do think he's an arrogant prick. Could be bad, could be good.

    However, this follows a long string of patterns by the US and other nations who don't like their opposition.

    It's called I2D2. They Identify a problem, Isolate it, Discredit them and then Disseminate the Discredidation.

    They don't just outright unalived people anymore. There are steps. Andrew knew this and he called it long ago.

    This is all bogus.

    Edit: As well, I want to express how easy it is to fabricate these kinds of charges.

    In certain circles we understand the concept of MICE. People will betray their Country/Organization/family, etc for primarily one of four reasons.
    Money, Ideology, Coercion and Ego.

    In these cases, the biggest reasons are Money and Ego.
    Imagine being showered with 15 minute fame, book deals and money to come forward and claim Tate did this to you.
    Dinners at heads of states, prime time TV bookings etc.
    There isn't a woman alive in Eastern Europe that wouldn't do it.

    The money and Ego aspect are satiated.

    If you think this doesn't happen, you are woefully delusional.
    While Tate is an asshole, he's a billionaire. He doesn't need to engage in these types of shady business dealings.

    The man has money and fame and women will throw themselves at him.

    That is reality.

    Meanwhile Jeffery Epstein's client list goes unseen and those unpunished.

    Let it sink in.

  9. Jeremy, evidence is irrelevant in the court of public opinion. The Left will destroy anyone that they dislike in any manner they can. They will run with this Andrew Tate trafficking charade for as long as they can. If it turns out that the charges were true, they will feel as though they were vindicated and continue onto the next person they consider to be guilty of "Wrong THought". If the charges turn out to be false, they will go silent and go onto the next person them deem guilty of "Wrong hought". It is not about whether or not he, or anyone else they do not like, is guilty of any real crimes or improprieties because all of these people are guilty of "Wrong Thought" as far as the Left is concerned. Hell given the corruption in eastern Europe, I would not be surprised if this is nothing more than a shake down to get more "protection" money for the "authorities" to leave Tate alone. That is part of the reason Tate is there in the first place, Romania is lax on the "Cam" industry. Pretty sure Tate alluded to that awhile ago. And "cam" business is how he made a fair bit of his wealth.

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