#Ask Adam Savage: Was There Creative Freedom Building Models at ILM? webfinet.com

#Ask Adam Savage: Was There Creative Freedom Building Models at ILM? webfinet.com

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What is the rarest model Adam saw while working at ILM? When building a model for a production like Star Wars, was there a certain amount of creative freedom or was there a very strict plan Adam had to follow? In this live stream excerpt, Adam answers these questions by Richard Cooke and Rob Langridge, whom we thank for their support. Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like asking Adam questions and watching exclusive videos:

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27 thoughts on “#Ask Adam Savage: Was There Creative Freedom Building Models at ILM? webfinet.com

  1. I've a question for Adam, and it goes with the theme of this video. Well Partially anyways.
    His answer can be simply just talked about or he can have a little fun and Make something to demonstrate his answer.
    When it comes to Updating a particular Design for say a Ship for an existing franchise, what Rules are imposed and what rules or Guidelines do you follow Yourself for staying within a specific Franchise "Recipe".
    A great example is the Lightsaber he built recently. Its Unique in its design but Instantly Recognizable as the item.
    For me a Fail would be the Sentinels from XMen Days of Future Past.
    Both past and future versions to me, aside from some Purple in the Past Sentinels bits, they looked Nothing like the Sentinels from the comics and cartoons.
    This Really Bugged me because that original Large Purple and Grey Sentinel design is iconic. That pink face a Inhuman Mockery with a deep booming mechanical voice, passionless, emotionless has Yet to be realized.
    As a fan I call it The Squint Test.
    Are there examples where for Adam this has been a tight or loose Balance between Recipe and Creative Freedom when making something for a Franchise?
    How Important is this to you being both a Fan of so many pop culture franchises and having been working in the industry?
    Are there examples where for You as a fan the Squint Test Hasn't passed or could have been better?
    Not in some throw shade way, nor to cause drama or anything, just something that Didn't Quite make the grade, took you Out of the Story.
    And this can be for Two reasons or more, the two that come to mind are the Specific thing takes you out or how it's used or Because you've worked in the industry and know so many tricks and secrets that your mind just Analyzes and figures it out as a reflex and accidentally takes you out of the moment.

  2. Weird vibe here. Pulled up ET last night and watched it with family on NewYear’s eve as son’s girlfriend had not seen it before and didn’t get my “ELL..…I…OTT” joke. Such a good film.

  3. This goes back to Adam's flawed idea from a few years back when he equated "Arts" with "Crafts" and missed an opportunity to distinguish "Artistry" from "Craftsmanship."
    "Art" (roughly speaking) is the expression of a unique point of view. "Craftsmanship" is skilled manipulation of a medium.
    At ILM, everything was done with a very high level of skill but there was not much opportunity for personal expression. A lot of "Craft", not much "Art."
    And I know a lot of people want to complement fine work by calling it "Art", but that is just selling short the value of "Craftsmanship." Calling someone a Craftsman should be as great a complement as Artist.

  4. I dont think we have heard, not even sure if you know the story , about why that model maker said screw you send me the model and ill fix it… In a world where you paint a picture on sharing ideas that always stranded out to me as odd.

  5. “Weirdly Meditative Model Builder” now there’s a T-Shirt idea!

    Adam, I don’t often comment but this was an amazing episode. It makes me wonder if you’ve ever had a dream piece or concept of a model that you’ve never built that you could do for your Tested audience.

    While you were a model builder did you happen to run into Don Bies? He came to ILM from the South Side theater community. One of his great achievements out here was the face of Frankenstein’s monster for a production of Frankenstein out here.

    He built a face for the monster played by John Covert that was an incredibly realistic prostheses (?) of John’s face with the top layer of skin cut stripped off so that you could see all the muscles underneath the monster’s skin. An incredible piece of horror that I think got him his first job at ILM.

    I always admire people who have the eye-hand coordination and talent to do art works or models. I think that’s part of the reason I’ve followed you since the first episode of Mythbusters aired.

    Thanks for the wonderful look behind the scenes at ILM.

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