#BREAKING: Supreme Court Temporarily Keeps Title 42 In Place ctm.news

#BREAKING: Supreme Court Temporarily Keeps Title 42 In Place ctm.news

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The Supreme Court ruled to keep the Trump-era immigration policy in place. NBC News Correspondent Josh Lederman breaks down the latest from the White House. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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26 thoughts on “#BREAKING: Supreme Court Temporarily Keeps Title 42 In Place ctm.news

  1. I think the facts are about 80 to 85 percent of all Americans are not wanting any immigration coming in from anywhere in the world until we have our affairs in order and thats 85% of Rep's and Dem's .

  2. Obviously the right/left politics can not solve this.

    An Intelligent Design will.

    Establish safe zones under international law in partnership with the countries throughout Central America at the various choke points where the refugees are congregating. Those who are legitimate political or environmental refugees are given safe haven and protected until the reasons for their displacement are resolved and they can return home.

    That puts financial pressure on the host countries (including by proxy the United States) to resolve the problems that have caused them to flee in the first place – which is as it should be.

    The underlying conditions that cause people to seek asylum are not being addressed in a systemic way. Find a framework to have folks resolve those conditions so they can return home.

    That is the long-term solution.

    The rest is just rank xenophobia.

  3. ILLEGALS are the reason PART TIME WORK was invented. so weve been sharing our 40 hours with illegals 50 years now. and our foodstamps. and god knows what else. today we work 10 hours a week at 3 jobs. and illegals are the reason 401k is so hard to get. illegals are munching up all our food like locusts. wiring 3 billion a day out of america into mexico. this is under ALL presidents watch

  4. Immigration is such a complex issue. There are almost no viable paths to come to the US legally. These people crossing the border illegally are forced to do so. That being said, what they are doing is wrong. They are violating the laws of a sovereign country.

  5. Title 42 is a JOKE. USA Covid deaths is 1,116,095 and Mexico's is 331,021. Migrants are the ones at risk.

    Put up posters of USA's homeless at the Mexican border. Let's hope the migrants brought tarpaulins to help fit in.

    America bombed Cuba 1959-60, Dominican Republic 1965-66, El Salvador 1981-92, Grenada 1983-84,

    Guatemala 1954, 1960, 1964, 1967-69, Nicaragua 1981-90, Panama 1989-90 & Peru 1965. Why migrate to the US?

  6. Good job Supreme court 👏🏻👏🏻Come legally like many others. Border crossing should be banned from any neighbor country. Apply at the USA embassy at that nation and wait for your Turn like millions are waiting.

  7. We're entering 2023, nobody cares if elections aren't until 2024, do something now (this) government !!!
    Gas went down, but my breakfast went way up (& rising).
    Imagine a Martin Luther King/Pirate Desmond Doss style of protest in the capital. My GOD, one can only pray.

  8. I am soooooo disgusted – Biden and Harris are doing Trump's dirty work – all Trump's racism, cruelty and inhumanity directed at human beings who have the right to request Asylum in the country they hope to obtain asylum from. America signed the United Nations agreement to give asylum to human beings escaping war, famine, drought, destitution. Title 42 is a violation of international law. The Federal Government has endless, limitless, money to spend on any military "operation" BUT absolutely NO money to give New York City, Denver, etc. to help undocumented immigrants who are asylum seekers. America put immigrants from Haiti onto planes – they told them they would be flown to Florida, when they landed, they were in Haiti.

    Haiti pays people who sew t-shirts for Walmart – five – only five dollars – for 10 hours of work. Haiti where gangs break into homes and gang r@p3 women and children. International law means NOTHING to America. I hope one or some of those same children will become leaders in their countries, and one day, one day, America will need something from that country and that leader tells them all about Karma. My heart breaks for my fellow man.

    Biden and Harris – what makes you any ? any ? any different than Trump that racist monster ? ? ?

  9. We are still in a pandemic. Got three different cases going on now. Our medical is full. Of our own citizens. We do not need to take care of other people's problems. But Biden loves to help other people and not us a great American citizens that are paying this bill for them but not for us Great American citizens. F Joe b

  10. Texas is not even capable of controlling the flow of migrants. Or is it? Could it all be a political move , just like Covid, and the bussing of migrants to strategic locations. GOP is known for toying with people's lives

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