#China drops quarantine requirements for international arrivals | DW News  ToDay.ctm.news

#China drops quarantine requirements for international arrivals | DW News ToDay.ctm.news

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Chinese health authorities say they’re scrapping quarantine requirements for international arrivals beginning January 8th and require only a negative PCR test result.

For almost three yearsr now, travelers have been forced to stay at a government quarantine facility upon arrival — initially for three-weeks, later for less time. The new rules are considered a boon for business-travelers — overseas tourist and student visas are expected to remain largely suspended.

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28 thoughts on “#China drops quarantine requirements for international arrivals | DW News ToDay.ctm.news

  1. Sadly, people in China may find out, just like we did in Taiwan, that "Living with COVID" won't be an economic boon. Plenty of businesses closed even without lockdowns. Ending zero COVID was economically neutral and the main result was dead bodies.

  2. Who in their right mind wants to go to China right now with ALL the COVID infections going on?? This is suspicious, it gives the impression that China wants to spread the virus around the world once again…

    Instead, no Chinese citizen should be aloud to venture out of China, keep your virus, we don't want you here. Get properly vaccinated first, then we can talk…

  3. All the countries of the world must close the entrance to any citizen coming from China, otherwise we would return, we would run the risk of losing the immunity that occurred and other mutations would spread….. Todos los Paises del Mundo deben cerrarle la entrada a cualquier cuidadano prosedente de China, de lo contrario volveriamos correriamos el riesgo de perderla inmunidad que se a octenido y otras mutaciones se propagarian.

  4. The irony is when China had zero-Covid then Chinese welcome in other countries, but few would leave for a holiday as the quarantine requirements on return are severe.

    Now when many in China are (recent, now, soon) Covid positive they can leave, want to leave, but other countries now want to see negative test results for Chinese.

  5. 1st they stop reporting any COVID update, then they open their borders wide… The CCP wants to infect the rest of the world with their new variant. The next mutation will be found outside of China… despite their billion people being at the center of the biggest COVID wave ever. Just watch!

  6. It's simple logic : the Chinese waited long past the much more deadly Delta variants and earlier Omicron (that killed millions of people in the West) and then finally open up now when the variants are much weaker. Seem like a smart timing

  7. An internal China (NHC) Dec 23 document confirms china experiencing worst outbreak to date (globally). For example, last Tuesday alone, it states 37 million people were newly infected. That number stood in sharp contrast to CCPs official number released to the WHO of 3,049 new infections for that same day. It goes on to say that an estimated 250 million may have been infected in the first 20 days of December. China's hospitals are full and have been turning millions of patients away.

  8. السلام عليكم 👆🏻رقمي
    ساعدنا يااخي الله يحفظك ويسعدك ويوفقك ويبارك فيك تصدق علينا بااللي يكتبها الله جزاك الله خير ربي يغنيك ويفتح عليك ويسهل امورك افعل خير يااخي اني اختك من اليمن احنا ايتام نازحين جاوعين فقراء مساكين ماعندنا الأكل وعلينا ايجار البيت صاحب البيت كل يوم واقف على الباب يشتي الايجار ولا بيخرجنا في الشارع ونحن حالتنا صعبه واني مامعي احد غير الله ثم اهل الخير والله العظيم اني اشحت زوايد الأكل من الجيران واهل الخير من شان يأكلوا عيالي الايتام ابوهم مات في الحرب ومالهم احد يااخي اني اختك حرمه مستضعفه وماعندي شي إيجار البيت من شق والجوع من جهه وبساطنا الأرض ولحافنا السماء لافرش ولا اكل ولا حاجه الله يخليك ارحمنا لوجه الله ربي يرحمك ويرحم والديك فرحنا الله يسعدك ويفرح قلبك نشتي ايجار البيت وحق كيس طحين احنا بنموت من الجوع يااخي الله يعزك ويكرمك ويعلي مراتبك ويرفع قدرك وشانك ولا يحيجك لأي مخلوق انت واولادك يارب الله يرضى عليك ويرزقك ويوفقك ويفتح لك ابواب الخير والرزق والبركه ويبني لك قصر في الجنه بكل ريال تساعدنا وتفرحنا به يارب فرجها علينا ساعدنا بحق إيجار البيت استرنا الله يسترك ويستر عليك في الدنيا والآخرة ويقضي حاجتك ويفرج همك وينور طريقك الله يكون معك حيث كنت يااخي هاذا رقم الواتساب 00967715105636 الله ينور ايامك ويجبر بخاطرك ويعطيك من خيره حتى يرضيك يارب الله ييسر امورك ويحميك ويحاجي عليك انت واهلك واولادك ويبعد عنكم كل شر ومكروه يارب الله يشبعك ويغنيك من فضله ويجعل الخير والرزق والبركه والسعاده معك اين ماتوجهت الله يقيم جاهك ويقبل قبولك وينصرك على من يعاديك ويعوضك كل خير في الدنيا والآخرة ويكتب اجرك ويجعلها في ميزان حسناتك يآرب العالمين"

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