#Deep State Mafia scores major victory as Covid Mandates Return, Lockdowns next? | Redacted News ctm.news

#Deep State Mafia scores major victory as Covid Mandates Return, Lockdowns next? | Redacted News ctm.news

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Our first live show of 2023! Covid mandates are making a big comeback despite scientific evidence showing they don’t work and actually make things worse. The deep state scored two victories overnight in two separate lawsuits, and journalist Whitney Webb joins us to discuss. Matt Taibi just dropped the next round of Twitter files showing just how far the government will go to silence journalists.

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43 thoughts on “#Deep State Mafia scores major victory as Covid Mandates Return, Lockdowns next? | Redacted News ctm.news

  1. Given the fact that if you get the vaccine is supposed to protect you at the individual from the disease, and that if they do get it they they are vaccinated and have a mild form of covid they are carriers, making them more susceptible to transmit new variance create new variance and transfer the disease, and why would they be scared of getting covid when they're vaccinated at the vaccine works

  2. There are commuters on the underground who never stopped wearing masks. This is nothing new in London so do not be fooled by any news reports. There have been staff shortages on the underground as a large number of staff are not taking overtime. This is what currently keeps the undergrond running, as there are staff shortages across the network.

  3. Last year everything was subscribed and denoted as Covid, now after the mask mandates we are seeing more flu and rsv due to lower immune systems due to masking and isolation, and we are surprised by this? And now they want to combat this by mask mandate again, hmmm…not to mention the school's pushing CRT…they are definitely targeting our children…parents need to be strong by protecting and standing up for their children's health and future.

  4. China locking up there people and holding them from getting covid for so long.Will probably start another pandemic now that he let them out. Just in time for biden cartel to pull more whool over our eyes again with china.

  5. There is no deep state. Then who were these government actors who were driving public opinion by censoring publicly available information with nothing more than their own political leanings as the reason for doing so?

  6. 36:30 I think people increasingly identify with their demonic alter-egos; even physically altering themselves to look more like their false identities.

    The demonic seems to be rising in power. Sign of the times? Fun times ahead, at any rate.

  7. I think the gov's mainly USA, let people to dress, behave and make changes on their body as they like so in the future, they can perform/turn unlawful experiments on humans legal. This is just a theory of course, but it can be an hypothesis right?

  8. If you want to know why these countries continue the mandates, masking, etc. look into which ones have actual legally binding contracts with the WEF for "consulting". Here in Canada we just found out that our government does in FACT have a legally binding "consulting" contract with Dr. Evil. This is why doctors and "science" are silenced and we seem to live in Looneyville.

  9. Despite that I have a feeling our world will be dramatically different by the end of 2023 and it will not be how the corrupt criminal deep state mafia envisioned. They had better dig some holes deep in the earth where they can hide because a lot of us would rather die fighting than becomes slaves. It's simply not an option.

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