#Elon Musk Accidentally Leaked Disturbing Details Live On TV webfinet.com

#Elon Musk Accidentally Leaked Disturbing Details Live On TV webfinet.com

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26 thoughts on “#Elon Musk Accidentally Leaked Disturbing Details Live On TV webfinet.com

  1. He sounds like Noah, telling people it's going to rain and no one believes him. Sounds like end times.
    Also, didn't he have a big part of creating this and maybe didn't think it through. Warn people about something you help create. 😥

  2. The end of this earth 🌎 as we know it will end soon. Those who have Jesus as their God and serve only Him will spend eternity in the glorious presence of God. Those who do not chose a relationship with the Lord Jesus will spend eternity in hell and that is eternity without end. Please make your heart ready while HE may still be found of you. Tomorrow is not promised. God be with you.

  3. I think conciousness is indeed in a different dimension. When you damage your brain it is not the conciousness that is altered, but it's ability to enter inside you anymore. Is is not that it doesn't eneter anymore. It is that it needs to adjust the path. It is just that it manifest different than what we previously considered as normal.

  4. That's just what they want they think there's too many people in the world all this is by Design This Greenhouse BS it's it's not that bad it's not as bad as they say the elitist are doing this especially swab. They'll let us drill for all in Venezuela and it's got the most pollutant dirty oil there is probably on the planet they're all a bunch of liars they lie to the American people everyday because they don't care that's why our borders are open and they're bringing covet back in.

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