Elon Musk Just Sent Out A Terrifying Message Before It Was Quickly Deleted From The Internet #TopStory #Tech #Usa #Miami #Nyc #Uk WEBFI👉


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lon Musk is more popular than ever, especially after his protracted takeover of
Twitter, one of the most popular social media networks! The billionaire industrialist
tries to use his massive reach to pass important messages that affect the whole of
humanity! However, the powers that be are not always happy with these types of
messages leaking out! So they try to delete these messages before they go far! In
this video, we bring you a chilling message sent out by Elon Musk to warn us but
was quickly deleted from the internet!
The internet is one of the most amazing inventions ever created by humans. It allows
information to flow from one part of the world to another in a matter of seconds.
Money can move between three continents in a matter of minutes! So can breaking
news and trends!
Long before Elon Musk bought out Twitter, the businessman had cultivated a large
following of devoted followers that hang on his every word and spread it to more
people through retweets and quotes. Thanks to his influence, some obscure cryptos
have become popular. Musk also uses Twitter to make announcements about his
multiple companies, especially Tesla, as he is the only source of information for the
EV company. Musk also entertains his followers with memes, which often tend to the
nerdy spectrum!
However, not all of Musk’s tweets are explainable, and some of them remain cryptic,
making some of his fans conclude he is trying to pass a coded message! To add to
the mystery, these messages often disappear quickly, and their true meaning is
forever lost to humanity!
A good example was a meme Musk posted about Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.
The meme was actually not new; it was created by artist Ben Garrison. However, the
meme posted by Musk had been edited to remove and add new information. The
photo contained, most importantly, a cartoonized image of Gates and some

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