#GOP Rep.-elect George Santos admits to lying about resume, says he’s not a criminal  ToDay.ctm.news

#GOP Rep.-elect George Santos admits to lying about resume, says he’s not a criminal ToDay.ctm.news

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GOP Rep.-elect George Santos of New York admitted in two separate interviews on Monday to lying about parts of his resume but claimed that he hasn’t committed any crimes and intends to serve in Congress.
Santos has faced scrutiny over discrepancies in his employment and education history, as well as other public claims he has made about his biography. In interviews with WABC radio and the New York Post – the first times Santos has spoken publicly about the controversy – he acknowledged that he had fabricated some facts.
“I am not a criminal. Not here, not abroad, in any jurisdiction in the world have I ever committed any crimes,” Santos said in an interview with WABC radio host John Catsimatidis. #melaniezanona #ac360 #CNN


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44 thoughts on “#GOP Rep.-elect George Santos admits to lying about resume, says he’s not a criminal ToDay.ctm.news

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  2. Embellishing his own stuff what are you talking about what did Biden do he's been lying ever since I could remember and I was in the Marine Corps during the whole '80s what a jerk around when I got out of the Marine Corps I seen that jerk lying on TV a failed presidency

  3. McCarthy must, MUST, refuse to allow Walter Mitty Santos to take the oath of office. He is so unsuitable to represent anybody. If he is allowed to take the oath, he must face immediate action to suspend and remove him for lying to Congress. It's a no-brainer, he has now admitted to doing it. If McCarthy refuses to act, then HE must go.

  4. OK, so where (if anywhere) does he draw the line between truth and reality? If I was one of the people who voted for him I would be asking myself this question and rapidly reaching the conclusion that I have no idea where that line is. He initially denied these reports, this makes him a liar.

    Only a serial liar makes the statement that everyone else does it too! So when he takes the oath of office we can all agree that it means nothing to him.

  5. So this person wants people to believe in him, he wants people to Trust him., He wants others to stand by their words when he can't stand by his own. He got votes on the back of those lies. He should step down immediately.

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  7. I'm a Brit so no skin in your game but I'd have thought that you Americans would have learned by now since 2016 that if a person lies about some things they're probably lying about everything else. I mean over 30,000 lies in a one term presidency??? Jeez. You already have a congress full of deranged maniacs. MTG, Boebert, Madison Cawthorne, Gaetz and a bunch of others. The GOP is full of them. How many more do you need? This is not just a tiny fib on a resume, it's basically an entire fictional life that he's invented. It's a symptom of some deeper mental illness which I'm certainly not qualified to diagnose but a quick google search shows up some strong possibilities. I wouldn't trust him to run a bath. Still, better over there than over here I guess. We shipped our convicts to Australia and our nutcases to Plymouth Rock. Yet we still ended up with Boris Johnson. Waddya gotta do eh?

  8. Isn't fraud a crime? What about false advertising? Aren't those things illegal? The people voted for someone else, not someone who didn't go to college or didn't work for the companies he said he did. They voted for the person he advertised, not the misrepresentation he is. Good luck long island. Suckers

  9. This person is simply a symptom of the general malaise infecting both politics and the worship of celebrity in general, which is a sickness deeply entrenched in US society today. The nation used to value honesty, integrity, and mutual respect. Today, it puts emphasis on glitz, sychophancy, and hate.

  10. So sick of Repugs…constantly claiming that Dems are the liars, that Dems have double-standards, that Dems are immoral/evil/perverse…ad nauseum. If a Repug is accusing a Dem of something, it's because they are the ones guilty of it. So disgusting.

  11. Everyone does NOT do it. Even if they did. It's still wrong. Another corrupt, lying Republican. This man should not be allowed to be seated in Congress because he's a fraud. What a pos. Who votes for these people?

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