Hunter Biden leaks involve Joe Biden’s relationships with adversaries: Rep. Tenney #TopStory #Usa #Miami #Tx #Nyc #Uk #Es CTM👉

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Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., on the latest information from the Hunter Biden scandal suppressed on Twitter and GOP to prevent passing defense bill if the COVID vaccine mandate is not lifted.

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39 thoughts on “Hunter Biden leaks involve Joe Biden’s relationships with adversaries: Rep. Tenney #TopStory #Usa #Miami #Tx #Nyc #Uk #Es CTM👉

  1. These probes in investigations are going to be a self determination for the Republican party. The reason being that nothing will ever come of it Joe Biden, nor Hunter, Biden will ever be prosecuted or penalized to any degree for the corruption. these issues in no way benefit the citizens were the population of the United States. They should lead every person to consider are the Republicans self sabotaging themselves prior to the 2024 election in a main stream establishment attempt to prevent Donald Trump from taking the White House

  2. ABC news gets to determine our conversation in America? ——- what a farce! —————- "we the people" speak on Twitter and are shaming and exposing CORPORATE media into the long hard fight for the TRUTH ———– patriots need to fight this fight in particular

  3. I'm active duty military and I put off getting the vaccine until they absolutely forced us. Now I'm afraid the vaccine may have done something to me I was forced to take it and did not want it. Nor did I need it.

  4. The utter stunning historic "high crimes and misdemeanors" that are in our faces yet being allowed to go unprosecuted is enormous in comparison to ANY charges against Trump —- BIDEN is in partnership with our enemies and we are not rushing him into hearings and justice?

  5. New Twitter has blocked 44,000 accounts of Paedophiles and Child Pornography left alone by Filthy Old Twitter.
    Don't be on the wrong side of history as New Twitter unzip the body bags hidden in the basement of Stinking Old Twitter

  6. This would NOT be reported like Fox is if the target were Donald Trump ————— straight up in-your-face accusations is what we need to be reading and getting with unrelenting intensity —————— BIDEN TOOK BRIBES – this will be a spider-like investigation into everything and everyone around Biden —————– that is the "Trump standard" and America should expect nothing less when Biden is the criminal

  7. Gomer will get to the meat of the matter….yes, it's Joe BIDENS "FAMILY" this is pure corruption and we have him as president?…..and the media are being strong armed….threatened…u don't see or hear it. Because they are actors… not news people…AND THEY ARE BLINDED….BY EVIL

  8. Never seen a high level corrupt politician go to jail for their misdeeds nor do I think Joe or any of his other cronies will end up in jail. They should be in jail but they won’t see a single day in jail when it’s over said and done. Total Joke.

  9. Thankyou Elon Musk for exposing this…… maybe you should run for president. You have opened up the doors for your companies and grew them to better everyone who works for you lives…… if you ran for president just think what you could do for America

  10. These lying, thieving politicians and their families are investigated, proof of their misdeeds is found and yet not a thing is done to prosecute them. I am guessing they use some of their stolen funds to grease the right palms to make it all go away. Been going on forever and I don't see anything changing. Just bend over folks and grab your ankles, the politicians are driving.

  11. This investigation will have zero impact because liberal media will simply not cover the story leaving swing voters in the dark. FOX and other conservative outlets have and will continue to cover the story but their audience is already voting red so the net damage to the Dems will be ZERO.

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