#’I don’t think our country wants chaos’ Sen. Patty Murray on new Congress ctm.news

#’I don’t think our country wants chaos’ Sen. Patty Murray on new Congress ctm.news

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Alex Witt spoke with the newly elected president pro-tempore of the Senate, Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), first woman to serve in the role, about the goals of the new 118th Congress.
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42 thoughts on “#’I don’t think our country wants chaos’ Sen. Patty Murray on new Congress ctm.news

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  2. Don't believe Reich-wing Republican DISINFORMATION, from the party of lying con-men / grifters like George Santos & Trump. "Defund the Police" was a poorly worded SLOGAN (dating from protests in 2020, against the brutal PUBLIC murder of George Floyd, for which sadistic psycho Derek Chauvin, got jailed for 22 years in prison!) …

    NO police were DE-FUNDED by a SLOGAN!

    In reality, Reich-wing Republicans have voted AGAINST, & BLOCKED sensible Democratic legislation which would have increased certain types of police funding …

    LOOK UP actual legislation & VOTING records!!!

  3. 2 of 2/ … MAGA Extremist Republicans's UNPRODUCTIVE, destructive behavior, within their own party, is a precise REFLECTION of what they want for America – EG: Hatred, DIVISION, in-fighting!

    The clear evidence for this observation = Members of the MAGA Extremism Cult, are constantly talking about, "Seeing a Civil War à comin'!" …

    And EVERYDAY, without fail, Dunce Caligula Trump posts a barage of incendiary, hate-filled messages designed to inflame anger, cause even more DIVISIONS & violence (EG: Such as the 648 mass shootings America suffered in 2022!) …

    Yet dim-witted REPUBLICANS refuse to protect even school children's lives , by introducing sensible, PRO SAFETY gun legislation.

  4. Imo, Today's GQP drama shows that Republicans lack basic commonsense & decency to even SEEM unified, & to treat their own members, like Mccarthy, with dignity!

    Vote for BETTER people! * NB: Since Republicans are proving by behavior, that they *can't be trusted to lead anyone or anything, let alone the country!

    1 of 2 …

  5. Sorry no pity party for new York they voted for Beijing Biden's crime approved city & state last election, defunded police by socialist Leftist democratic regime lack manpower and will now , thank dementia Joe

  6. This Reich-wing Republican Extremism person, is another George Santos-style LIAR, just like the remains of her imploding GQP

    Message to Reich-wing Republicans:- WE are not all Trump's "the poorly educated"

    We the public have ears & eyes! EG: We know so-called PRO-LIFE Republicans, HYPOCRITICALLY, voted AGAINST bills to help PREGNANT veterans & military families …

    Also, Republicans voted AGAINST bills to ensure that PREGNANT women in prisons are guaranteed proper nutrition & not put into dangerous solitary confinement after 8 months into pregnancy!!!

    (Despite claiming to be "Christians" & alledgedly PRO-LIFE, Republican-Taliban hypocrites show a heartless lack of concern for EVERYONE, except UNBORN babies!!)

    Also, we've witnessed leading Republicans (esp. MTG, DeSantis & Idiocy Boebert, etc) expressing nothing but HATRED for LGBTQ people & drag queens – SLANDERING them all as "Groomers" w/o a shred of evidence.

  7. Patty Murray is a terrible leader she has done nothing for washington for years look at our homeless look at our drug problems look at our mental health issues that's what needs to be worked on and she has turned a blind eye to it all. She is only there to push climate change lies!

  8. I've lived in WA all my life, and I have never understood whichever planet it is that Patty Murray lives on. I voted for her because her opponent was morally repugnant and aligned with a fascist party, but tennis shoe Mom became a woefully out of touch beltway elitist.

  9. You don't want nobody working here you don't want to do the working class working for job creators which is the rich you don't want that don't want to use Democrats want it you hate for the working class to succeed in this world today y'all hate that you don't want to see working class to get ahead you always want them behind and you want them to depend on y'all all the time

  10. The Democratic Senate is not going to work with them they're not going to work with them but they'll work with the Democrat they work with the Democrat and that's for Lucy for over 50 years she was their money grabber you put it in her hand she will put it in your checking account that's how she worked that's how all the Democrats work you put it in my hand I'll put it in your checking account what's your checking account number

  11. Education b***** you are taking the education away from people today people in the United States that are in college right now they have no future in the United States you as a Democrat y'all penalize people that tries to make it better for themselves there again you're lying

  12. Dems are all about creating "chaos." Chaos is all we've had, for the past two years, thanks to Democrat control of the White House and Congress. Open borders. Out-of-control violent crime. Hyper-inflation. etc,. etc., etc.

  13. Stalkers came by the neighborhood again. Fun times.
    These people need to stop disturbing the tranquility and peace. It is just plain out creepy that people do not mind their own business and make the situation worse for others.

  14. Except, republicans legitimately DO want chaos..why else do they support unqualified psychos like trump while pushing every conspiracy theory out there? ..chaos

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