#Italian Chef Can’t BELIEVE What Adam Ragusea Just Did to His FRIED GNOCCHI ctmmagazine.com

#Italian Chef Can’t BELIEVE What Adam Ragusea Just Did to His FRIED GNOCCHI ctmmagazine.com

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In his video, Adam, made Gnocchi… but are those the real Gnocchi? mmh 🤔
The process he made was totally different to the authentic one, that’s why the end result doesn’t look right at all.
Let’s be honest, making the real gnocchi is not that easy, not even for me, but the ones Adam made look more like french fries 😅

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41 thoughts on “#Italian Chef Can’t BELIEVE What Adam Ragusea Just Did to His FRIED GNOCCHI ctmmagazine.com

  1. Look I know that Adams way of making gnocchi isn’t traditional but that doesn’t make it bad. It’s just another way of making it. Honestly that can apply to any video you react to where someone doesn’t make an Italian dish the traditional way. I feel like you criticize them so harshly because they made something the “wrong” way.

  2. Wow I paused at 2:31. As an Italian, I feel offended someone says gnocchi taste of nothing. I eat them with just olive oil and parmigiano reggiano. Homemade. I love how soft and yummy they are by themselves. Plus they are not dumplings 🙄 I’ll keep watching your reaction Vincenzo😂 I’m scared of what’s coming next lol
    Edit at 7:37. I mean, why making gnocchi if he doesn’t like gnocchi? Cioè, grazie Vincenzo per questi video. Non commento mai ma questa reaction è top😅 meritano più views.

  3. ive never had gnocchi and not thought about it for weeks, or even months afterwards, wishing I had more. damn, even when I ate it on an airplane, I was thinking about how good it was for weeks.

  4. Vincenzo, need your help when it comes to carbonara! Every time I try and make it from scratch it tends to comes out "stodgy" (still tastes great though😁😁) if I where to send you a video of my attempt would you be happy to have a look at it and give me your thoughts and recommendations? Thanks😁

  5. I wonder why some youtuber chefs produce videos for food they obviously don't like. So Adam made these gnocchi that taste like french fries, which could be good enough if he didn't call them gnocchi, but it still was not good for his taste and he had to add orange zest, which probably f***ed everything up beyond repair, so next time he will complain even more about how awful gnocchi taste. Why not just stick to the stuff enjoy. Just because you have a typical youtube food channel doesn't mean that you have to cover the whole repertoire of italian cuisine. But well, yeah, now you can put a check mark on gnocchi…

  6. Excellent review Chef. Enjoyed you educating us on authentic gnocchi and the correct way to prepare it. His version closely resembles a German dish that I ate a few times and also reminds me of French fries made fancy. Keep up the great work Chef. Wishing you and your family a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2023.

  7. I did your Nonna's Gnocchi more than once now and loved it. I also do more versions of Gnocchi in the same basic way I learned from your dear Nonna. Adam broke my heart 3 times-Baking the Potato instead of cooking it like it should be! Using only the Yolk basically wasting half an Egg! I never waste an Egg even when making Carbonara always with full Eggs. And calling Gnocchi baby food made me cry. Please Vincenzo one time break the tradition, and show us your version of fried Gnocchi if someone is already choosing to fry. I am sure you can make delicious fried version. BTW please review Genaro making Carbonara. I think he did a great job he just switched the Cheese.

  8. This Adam is just another in a long line of what I would describe as an arrogant, American home cook… And he's barely Italian… Authentic parts, assembled in the USA, with American know-how… I love gnocchi, and my mamma used to make them just like your Nonna … Italian here 😍

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