#Joe Rogan: “CHINA Just Stole AI Technology from US Company!! We are in BIG Trouble..” webfinet.com

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Joe Rogan: “CHINA Just Stole AI Technology from US Company!! We are in BIG Trouble..”
In this exclusive podcast interview from December, 2022 Joe Rogan reveals some terrifying details about china using AI technology stolen from the USA.
If you read anything about China’s view or you talk to people about China, the way they view the world, it’s so unique that their business and their government is completely intertwined. Yeah. Like some unstoppable hive of communism and capitalism all interwoven together where one feeds off another.
Yeah. And they have immense power because of. It’s a, it’s a really, it’s like if you were just looking at it as an organism, there was no consequences. You’d be like, whoa, that’s fascinating. But there’s also immense costs. Immense costs. It’s not easy to maintain this kind of unnatural structure, uh, over a population that large.
And that, uh, the geographically, uh, disparate. Disparate also that kind of world. Discourages creativity, of course, discourages like freedom and like you don’t get a Janice Joplin in China, right, right, right. You know, you need freedom for, for a certain amount of art and a certain amount of, uh, innovation, you need freedom.
So what they do is they just copy shit. Oh yeah. Yeah. Which is wild. It’s hilarious. Yeah, because they get the benefit of that and then they grow bigger and stronger. Did you see that? Uh, uh, saga and, uh, crystal, uh, had a video that they put up about this, uh, company that, um, they, what did they, what did they make over there?
They made, uh, I don’t know. It was something in China space, they make a lot of things soy sauce? No, it was, it was something to do with ai. It was some sort of, uh, component of, uh, these, these super advanced computer systems. And, um, they went into business with China and they had this deal and, uh, all of a sudden the, like, they tried to remove the Chinese guy from the company.
They’re like, Hey, we, we gotta like separate from you guys, like, what are you doing with our intellectual property? And then they cut off communication in China. , uh, just reopens this, uh, company cuz they bought like 51% of the company. Yeah. And they just take their internet ideas, like whatever, whatever their, uh, you know, thing about AI was whatever they actually designed there.
And then they open it up in China under a different name, . Oh yeah. Just change the name like we own it. So, uh, saga did a whole piece on it calling the heist of the century. Fucking fascinating cuz you realize that these people are like, Hey, we’re gonna get Rich Bob. I’m telling you, you’re gonna get a brand new jet.

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25 thoughts on “#Joe Rogan: “CHINA Just Stole AI Technology from US Company!! We are in BIG Trouble..” webfinet.com

  1. Stop accusing Chinese stealing and copying. Companies have been using cheap labor over seas. …We are in a shit hole. Companies will not stop importing over seas . The only way each one of us can do it is to stop consuming things we don't need. When we stop consuming stuff mother earth will heal itself.

  2. But who copied making gunpowder, metallurgy, printing etc. ??? If someone makes a flying submarine, you would say they copied a submarine. Blame Yourself for being stupid and lazy and transferring technology for the sake of cheap chinese slave labor. And you can bet China has already develiped new technologies that US will copy too

  3. China can't do anything on their own.
    They just copy.
    Their slaves due to wages, instead of being a paramount.
    They are literally being followers instead of being one to follow.
    Put on big boy pants and do something yourself.
    Pay more than 50 cents and see what happens.

  4. Well few decades ago, the USA government paid many factories to move from
    USA to China, and the government paid with our taxes, then do not get alarmed
    people can`t pay rent or afford to buy a house, plus the homeless we have.

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