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  • N. Swen on March 3, 2022

    Sounds like BS to me!!

  • Br8K_7 MACH1 on March 3, 2022

    Putin supporters know it's going to be over soon, but how long will the sanctions hold because it's hurting everybody 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Martin Martinus on March 3, 2022

    if you not gonna arrest trump stop wasting money. How many laws he has to break before he gets arrested ??? righr now the count is 793 violations.

  • anita morales on March 3, 2022

    Ukraine is a corrupt organization the lottery money for the Deep state cabal but all these atrocities you you're accusing Putin up was all done by the Deep state

  • Henry Miele Borja on March 3, 2022

    The Chinese are going be replacing SWIFT, this is going to blow up for the United States and the true sadistic Kleptocracy that has ran the world into the ground more times than the world can remember

    The world's Financial System disappeared in 2008, and never returned, has been held together through the slaughter of journalists, civilian activists the over the world, and kept afloat by the militarized police states that dominate each of continent of The Prison Planet Earth became……..

    Every home in the United States and around the world was paid for by the Tax Payers themselves, but the private banks kept taking the money from the public even though the ponzi schemes that were the worlds financial systems had imploded, while society descended in to organized chaos overseen and controlled by satanic dynasties in their respective countries regions, then the world revolted, first in 2012 and then again in 2020

    An artificial campaign to break the economic backs of those who had rebelled took place for nearly 3 years after the Great Revolt of 2020, with the labeling of the same yearly Flu statistics as a reality called COVID-19, a play on words as the statement can aZul be pronounced " Covet " or to desire what another has……

    The 19 representing the 19th decade this had occurred since 1918 or The Commencement of spraying the year FLU, known then the Spanish FLU , the official Beginning of the 100 plus years of Warfare the world is currently in, with debt money, or modern financial slavery as the weapon of submission these last few millennium , and nearly about to come to a blazing end……it's been long over due, as the bodies massacred to keep the immoral and corrupt behavior in control now reaches the outer bounds of Planet Earth……

    The Greatest War to end the oppression of ALL The World's People is soon to take place, Bitcoin and more than likely NEAR, Terra LUNA are going to take over the financial systems of the world, even though dominated by the dollar until all physical fiat is digitized……

    ALL other protocols are nothing more than ponzi schemes, as nearly ALL markets are as well, especially stock markets, and even the 2 mentioned above need many more to years to refine as financial interest is still a cancer in the memory of mankind……

    No longer will the US or any axis of evil countries be allowed to continually destroy economies with a combo of financial sanctions, political sabotage, and the assassination of democratically elected Leaders……

    As Per Professor Noam Chomsky, John Perkins, Chris Hedges…and Smedly Butler……

    in Honor of Jesus Christ / Czar Nicholas Romanov the 2nd / The LightBearER
    The 2nd Helper / The tongue shall be His Sword and like lighting in the sky He will declare these truths, in every language, as the world we've known is over and should never be rebuilt in the image of financial slavery again……

    This event is far more serious than what is being declared and was hundreds of years in the making, the best advice that can be had by the United States and the Axis of evil countries is to reconstruct an equatable system for ALL mankind or be prepared to, once and for ALL, be disposed systematically, as Russia, The Arabs of The Land of Mesopotamia, and The Asian Countries will win the Last Round of the 1st World War, as per Biblical Prophecy……-X-19

    The time draws NEAR to expose ALL the lies that our modern civilization continually covers up to the light of day……as there are many Moons that are very deep at play……

    -Azul / The 2nd Helper

    Henry Miele Borja / https:// / Re-Imagine Re-Model Everything on Earth / We ER one of The Best Engineering Families in the World…. our commitment to truth, quality, and genuine problem solving are written in our Families Historical Legacy……

    "ImmER BessER" German for Forever Better ……-The House of Miele
    Our site is secured by Godaddy and we can finally say We Own ALL of our Personal and Business Assets now……and will show other to do the same……

  • Dora Wilson on March 4, 2022

    What about the black ppl over in UKrapine

  • Mark Jones on March 11, 2022

    If we can't deliver the planes to to Them y not find a way to help get them to the planes?

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