#Man with butcher knife shot to death by deputy ctm.news

#Man with butcher knife shot to death by deputy ctm.news

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The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department released the body camera video of a man carrying a butcher knife being shot to death by a deputy.

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42 thoughts on “#Man with butcher knife shot to death by deputy ctm.news

  1. Why didn’t he just use his taser obviously he had mental issues. I see crack heads like this everyday in the hood. They have all sorts of make shift knives. I just seen a guy with Machete walking not long ago. I’m sure he threatened lots of people too but they all knew he was on drugs & mentally challenged.

  2. This was murder, plain and simple. There was plenty of separation between them. The guy was just clearly frustrated and wanted the cop to back off. He was shot down like a dog. He was not going to attack anyone, nor had he started walking towards the cop. Cops needs to know that this type of behavior will have them lose their pensions and get 50 years in jail- period. It is too much and it has to stop.

  3. Look like the dude wanted to be left alone. Seriously? Because he was riding his back on the wrong side of the rode? That shit happens everyday and I’ve never seen a cyclist pull over because of it.

  4. Civil Rights violated big time! You can't just attack someone without telling them they are under arrest! I hope this dead man's family sue for enough money to make Riverside County Sheriff think twice before hiring cops that crew up in gangs from Los Angeles that like to murder.

  5. Riverside County SHERIFF's APPLES SURE GOT ROTTEN QUICK! You know you have to take out those bad apples with haste…? Don't you? What do they teach in the academy? "Make sure you smile while you kill a man. It makes you look like the good cop that saved the weak from this bad bad man…" Riverside gets all the bad apples(sheriff) from Los Angeles…

  6. The reason there is NO RESPECT for authorities is because of videos like this where the DEPUTY OBVIOUSLY ATTACKED THE MAN first, then MURDERS the man, covers it up. Where is the taser? Why is a citation worth killing over? The man had a meat cleaver, so what? He was defending himself after just being assaulted by the KILLER SHERIFF. The Riverside County Sheriff is known for killing people by ambush all the time and then covering it up!

  7. Many people in the country aren't ashamed of being violent/ crooked and want to be feared. When you have generations that are growing up with no respect for authority and being encouraged to "express themselves" without morals or fear of reprisal, then you have anarchy

  8. Great job deputie wow 😅… for whatever reason he shouldn’t have taken his gun out

    He a taser to drop his ass
    But this Officer got trigger happy like they all do and shot this man

    Why the fuck we keep spending tax payers money on shit they don’t use

    Need better training
    6 months ain’t enough

  9. Anti christ , felony warrant, impossible to talk to calmly and he finally pull out something in his hand before getting shot. Now he's got brothers and sisters defending him saying its the cops fault cops should do this and that pepper spray non lethal instead. Same people same doing maybe.

  10. As someone who’s struggling with mental health. I know I’m not a bad person AT ALL. But life hasn’t been kind to me and my mental health started to change each time I was mistreated by PEOPLE. I too have thought of days like this. Just carrying a knife not knowing what I’ll do with it because I just lost respect for humankind because they don’t treat me well. I wish instead of killing him, that they tasered him, locked him in a facility for mental help, try to learn why was he carry a knife and what’s the root behind it. Although it’ll never make sense to outsiders but if the guy had a helping hand he may have had a change of heart. Each day I look for some kind of restoration in humanity to erase the void and hatred for humankind out of my heart. I try to open my heart to meeting good people and kind people instead of thinking everyone will treat me horrible. I try to talk myself into seeing the good in people and in situations that could turn bad on me at any given moment. I don’t want to hurt anyone, I don’t want to be hurt, I say that genuinely because it’s just cruel people that makes you want to just give up on so much without even thinking or caring about the consequences. I don’t know what was going through this guy mind but whatever it was led to this but we’ll never know unless one of his family members come forward and say he really had it rough and it played a part in his mental. I say this because most people like this need a genuine hug, someone to listen and care to restore that faith in humankind back in their hearts. He shouldn’t have been killed. A gun is more of a threat then a knife. There was no life threat to the cops because they held the power of the gun that can kill or harm in lightning speed compared to how quick this man would’ve been able to even get 6ft close to the cops with that knife. There are real criminals, killers that are still alive doing time behind bars but this man gets killed some 30ft away from the cops.

  11. Crazy ask idiot – he's right where he needs to be now, what's to investigate?? some BLM baloney propaganda?????????? getting these psycho's off the streets deserves an award not an investigation.

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