#Massive winter storm blasts through the U.S. with frigid temperatures  ToDay.ctm.news

#Massive winter storm blasts through the U.S. with frigid temperatures ToDay.ctm.news

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Freezing temperatures and nearly 50 inches of snow blasted through Buffalo, NY over the holiday weekend. It is the worst winter storm to hit the area since 1977. As the death toll continues to rise, the state of emergency remains in place. Dave Greber reports.

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34 thoughts on “#Massive winter storm blasts through the U.S. with frigid temperatures ToDay.ctm.news

  1. We lost water at around 4:30am Friday morning and just got it back on about 5 minutes ago here in South Central KY. Our lowest wind chill we had was -34 degrees. This storm was just crazy. Hoping everyone still affected by this storm are all OK. Sending prayers out.

  2. As a Buffalo NY resident I am appalled at reports of the looting that took place during the blizzard. I feel that what these individuals did was reprehensible and that they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However I would like to make a correction regarding the comment made by the reporter who was covering the blizzard . He stated that he was told that the vast majority of Buffalonians were out there looting. I found his statement to be very offensive. I would like to state that the vast the majority of Buffalonians were not out there looting but are law abiding citizens who were in their homes hunkering down and riding out the storm. There were just a handful of individuals who were doing the looting.

  3. I feel sad for lives lost. This is a terrible winter. Imagine if this weather should hit the EU especially with gas shortages to heat homes due to the sabotage of the nord stream 1 and 2. Strange world, strange times,strange happenings.

  4. I don't understand why people go out to brave a winter blizzard when they are told way in advance it's coming and stay home and stay off the roads. People have a far better chance of survival by staying home even if your power goes out then trying to drive and get stranded where no one can get to you. Rip for the ones that lost their lives. It's truly devastating.

  5. "The vast majority of people are using this crisis… as an opportunity to steal." Yeah because the only other option is death! What kind of person says something like that about people trying to survive? Their options are freezing or starving to death, drinking poisoned water or steal to survive? Golly I wonder which option he'd take?

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  7. I'm not trying to be a Debbie down there with all your liberals living in New York state but maybe if you bite yourself some guns and ammunition and beef jerky and jacked up pickup trucks with rebel flags flying in the back you wouldn't get stuck in the snow as much and voted for Trump too while you're at it what do you think of that

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