#Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Dec. 30 ctm.news

#Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Dec. 30 ctm.news

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Southwest Airlines says it hopes to have service back to normal after cancelling thousands of flights. Buffalo, N.Y., is starting to reopen as several feet of snow start to melt. Former President Trump’s tax returns have been made public after years of legal battles and speculation.

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44 thoughts on “#Morning News NOW Full Broadcast – Dec. 30 ctm.news

  1. Its amazing to me how major news networks forget that the deaf but seeing population doesn't t need warning about a serial killer on the loose who killed 4 college students. Every major news network I be turned the channel to doesn't have a handicap signer for their major news stories, business news or sports. Guess those Chinese owned networks aren't afraid of lawsuits not including the hearing impaired from the news. Maybe the network employees should have an inservice where they watch the news with no volume to understand what its like for the hearing impaired trying to read lips to get the news….at least the weather channel gives picture charts. Do you know what deep pockets news channels have not complying with federal ADA laws right.

  2. I owed the IRS 8k. They took every tax return. And I have called them 5x telling them it's been paid. They took my 2015 5k return plus the other years and it's over 10k. They are NOT admitting they owe me! They take this years return…I'll lawyer up.

  3. Ridiculous how much money Trump has and cheated on his taxes makes me sick I blame the IRS it's their job to catch cheaters! They sure dont give the little guy a break why give a man like Trump a break??? My son fought for 2 years with IRS the stress he went through there isn't any amount that can give him back what he lost! So tired of the rich getting away with everything

  4. Thank you President Biden for making sure Southwest airlines do whatever they can to make their customers feel whole again. Republican Congress have expressed their inability to make airlines accountable for the action. Thank God we have a democratic administration!

  5. NBC and CNN are now in the same campus Fox whenever I hear some talking head go off about how we need to pay attention to our military reserves I'm shaking my head because we appropriated trillions to the military and the guy who's speaking probably knows more tax loopholes than I do and is not contributing to any of this

  6. The US polices the planet under the guise of defending democracy. If Ukraine hadn't agreed to give up their nuclear weapons w/ promise o protection by US, NATO, would they now b at the mercy of others while citizens slaughtered, cities razed, by Russia. Propaganda is spread thru bias news reports to defend the wealth of greedy oligarchs controlling "democratic" govs.

  7. 3 Millions Russian Hiding in America.. they are being more American than American.. America shouldn't interfere if Putin want to send Draft notice for Army for all 3 millions Russian.. Russian in need is Russian indeed..

  8. Zelensky had make Ukraine a tragedy with ruins and casualties by continuing war. Money should be use to promote peace and stop war, not encourage Zelensky to continue war with Russia and reclaim territory already lost to rebels and Russia.

  9. The IRS didn't have the funding or manpower to audit Trump's taxes? This is the IRS – there should be no excuse. The present & former presidents were audited. But yet the IRS just couldn't audits Trump's taxes. Sounds like the IRS is corrupt like the Trump Administration is.

    Hey, how can I avoid paying taxes or only pay $750 a year in taxes? What's the secret?

  10. No one needs to be upset for choosing not to drink. I had a stroke in 2020, and on advice from the doctor he said not to drink alcohol during the first three months of my recovery. I just simply never picked up drinking after that, and drink only the occasional glass of beer or wine. I think I am on one or two alcoholic beverages a month at the very most, and there are months I do not drink a single drink at all. I had 1 beer in the month of December.

    It does not take away my ability to have fun, we had a marvelous Christmas with friends we consider family, and not a single drop of alcohol was consumed by me. Just have fun! No alcohol is ever needed for that. 🙂

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