#NFL will not resume Bills-Bengals game this week | CBS Sports HQ ctm.news

#NFL will not resume Bills-Bengals game this week | CBS Sports HQ ctm.news

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Pete Prisco and Charles Davis join CBS Sports HQ to discuss the NFL’s decision to not resume the Bills-Bengals game this week.


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37 thoughts on “#NFL will not resume Bills-Bengals game this week | CBS Sports HQ ctm.news

  1. I think they should push all the games back as far as necessary. It's not like we're running out of time until next season.
    I know a lot of people want to see more games soon, but let the family mourn and the players mentally recover first.

  2. Hopefully he is all right my prayers are with him and his family! However, the only thing that would be fair to do as far as the game goes is to have no kickoff and restart the game exactly with the same amount of time that was in the first quarter with the same score at the same spot of the field that is the only fair way

  3. Extremely unfortunate for the young man, however I’m optimistic he pulls through.

    Also unfortunate we couldn’t see this game, from the early signs, it was looking like a high scoring epic clash. Again hope Hamlin pulls through and he’s healthy.

  4. Nfl needs sued by the fans who spent hard earned money to watch a game last night. No game has ever been canceled for a injury like this in 120 years. People have litterally died during games and they went on. Say a prayer for your brother, and devote the game to him and try to get a win. These players get millions and the ball clubs get billions of dollars. They need to provide playoff tickets or do something for the fans who paid money for tickets and never got there game. If they aren't finishing the game then the score should stand and buffalo loses.

  5. Just make it a tie and/or just wash the rest of the season for everyone…honestly this feels so weird it wouldn’t bother me a bit for the season to just end, hope he makes it through ok

  6. At the end of the day the league can do whatever they want…it just comes down to how much of a hit financially they want to take..best believe they had the scenario figured out as soon as Hamlin went down…in their eyes its a business and going forward they will conduct a descision as so

  7. Translation the league has no plan scrambling. Unfortunately for them they will have to figure it out or it will ruin their playoffs. Schedule doesn't really allow you to let them play not to mention the whole weirdness of the situation where do you start the game? Call it cruel but the world doesn't stop turning for anything. Just give them both the tie as s*** as it is move on. Hope Hamlin recovers quickly nobody should have to go out like that.

  8. No matter what the league should push it all back. Play the game on next Monday move the rest of the games to next week. The Superbowl can be moved. Its not like its next week. Its almost a month out. DOn;t think about it or the money. Just do it

  9. We're all thinking about his health and praying that he pulls through quickly. But as far as the game goes you can't reschedule it because there's just no room to do so. Really the only way to be fair about it. Would be to award Cincinnati the win because each team had an offensive Drive the Bengals sort of touchdown and the bills kicked a field goal.

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