1 year Etransfer link. Personal website in which you can receive money transfers – 7 days money back




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Etransfer Link

is a powerful personal web page, in which you can promote your personal business in an easy way, and without complications at a very low cost.

What are you buying?

You are buying a website built on a powerful and exclusive WordPress theme, which allows you to promote your business, goods or services on a single page with 15 scrollable sections, Revolution Video Slider Editor, PayPal Business Editor, PayPal Quick Transfer Button, SSL certificate, Customer E-mail sender, Customer Service area, Country Blocker, Security Shield, Website moving Tool, which are easy to edit from the control panel of the theme.

The promotion price for the first year is just $ 19.95 and then, just 29.95 next renewal years. This plan has a 7 days money back guaranty, activation time will take 24 hours due to the propagation of SSL security.

This service does not require a domain, your website will be activated in a link associated with an alpha-numeric etransfer.link format, in this way you can quickly promote your services in a simple address to remember, for example: (etransfer.link/6229 )

You can customize the name of your website the way you like it best, either with your personal name or with the name of your small business directly in the theme control panel.

This service has the incorporation of PayPal Business Editor, a tool that allows you to create multiple forms of payments for goods, services or products that you offer on your website, it is incredibly simple to use and edit and for its activation and use, you only need a PayPal email it’s like that of simple, safe and effective.

What you can do with Etransfer.link

The answer to this is fascinating, etransfer.link personal business website tool allows its users to create a spectacular Personal Business Website, built in a Premium ONE TONE WordPress video-business theme, unique in its class and all functionality designed and integrated by Webfi.net team, with great security tools, Copy and Paste Right Click Website protection, communications tools, and amazing drag and drop designing tools to make your website unique, efficient and productive.

Etransfer.link is a simple tool to promote your self and charge for your service, goods or products you offer, also is a great tool to get quick money transfers from anywhere around the world PayPal is used, is secure for everyone and affordable for all.

With PayPal Business Editor, you can create almost any kind of billing or single product sell or multiples products, all transactions are done security under PayPal Secure Payment Processor, and your clients receive and automatic-bill for every transaction.

Etransfer.link has into his tools, an amazing customer communications systems like Ticket Customer Service, Inside-Website personal email-sender, a quick call button from any smartphone, and Its own (USA PHONE NUMBER FOR YOUR BUSINESS) the business phone service is activated only after full subscription confirmation passing the 7 days money back guarantee plus 5 days of client confirmation, this business phone number, is available only for U.S.A and Canada residents, and you can manage from any smartphone, PC or MAC.

No major skills needed to manage your website if you have a facebook, twitter, or blog you are more than qualified to manage your etransfer.link


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