#Protesters against a Texas drag brunch met by armed LGBTQ supporters | USA TODAY ctm.news

#Protesters against a Texas drag brunch met by armed LGBTQ supporters | USA TODAY ctm.news

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Protesters against an all-ages drag brunch in Roanoke, Texas, pushed the town into the middle of a larger controversy over the issue.

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All-ages drag shows have become the front line in America’s culture wars.

Drag performances – classically, a show in which men dress in women’s clothing and perform under a female persona – are about as old as performance itself. History is filled with examples of men performing as women, from Shakespeare to Billy Wilder movies from the golden era of Hollywood.

Drag performance for adults was often something akin to burlesque. But in the era of reality TV, drag also went mainstream. Performer RuPaul’s 1992 radio hit about supermodels had kids across America singing the earworm “You better work.” His hit show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” burst onto television in 2009.

By this decade, experts were estimating that pride events were reaching record numbers in the country’s smallest towns. “RuPaul’s Drag Race” was headed toward its 15th season on the air.

“Drag brunches,” where performers mingle with a mimosa-vibed crowd, could be found in most of America’s big cities.

Drag performers and experts say drag is about freedom of expression, about joy, about feeling glamorous and beautiful and outrageous.

But they will also tell you it can be about something more than entertainment.

For some people, drag is a proxy for LGBTQ pride, and a form of acceptance. To some, a drag show, particularly, is a vibrant demonstration for people who feel different, one that tells them: It’s OK for you to be different, too.

But somewhere in the midst of all that pop-culture acceptance, something got polarized in America. And while it wasn’t exactly all about drag performance, it was, people said, all about children.

To some people, it seemed more children than ever were questioning their gender, their own identity. And as the nation grappled with difficult questions about transgender rights, medical care for children questioning their gender and their parents’ right to help them, all-ages drag shows became a proxy battleground for these complex debates.

Because drag shows have traditionally featured risqué content, crude language and even nudity or partial nudity, many Americans questioned why all-ages drag shows even exist. Fed by conservative media, conspiracy theories erupted about these events: They aimed to expose children to sexual activity, opponents claimed. Or to make them transgender. Or lure them into the hands of sexually abusive drag queens.

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32 thoughts on “#Protesters against a Texas drag brunch met by armed LGBTQ supporters | USA TODAY ctm.news

  1. I bet those white wimg protestors were real polite. No punching or hitting people. They're cowards! They've never met people who will empty some mags when they start the violence.

  2. It is no one's business except the parents to say what their kids do no one should be able to push there beliefs on anyone everyone has a right to be and do what they want why is it that even the supreme court is working to take away everyone's right but there own they should save that shit for their prejudice backwards church because everyone does not have the same beliefs and I definitely don't want any of their antiquated teachings,Keep living your best life 🙂💓 .

  3. Groomers are heterosexual men. The crime statistics prove they are the ones in jail cells for violent crimes, domestic violence, sexually molesting their children or children in general. Those who look normal are the ones committing harmful acts. Statistics don't lie. Trans aren't raping woman, heterosexual men are raping kids. The pedophiles are heterosexual men who you would see as a man but have so much darkness and evil. The ignorance will always lose.

  4. Drag Queens are nothing.. Transhumanism is the REAL agenda. You IDIOTS that support children in drag are the appetizer. The main entree will be – after you have destroyed living in the real world and your body – out of trauma from what you did to yourself – you will BEG to live online in virtual reality and be WHATEVER you choose to be.

  5. Protesters against a Texas drag brunch met by armed LGBTQ supporters | USA TODAY 2311pm 31.12.22 hahahahahahahahah there's me thinking texas will be quiet… and peaceful… fag militia. wow. whatever next?

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