#Scientists Just Found The Tomb Of Egyptian God Osiris Next To The River Nile webfinet.com

#Scientists Just Found The Tomb Of Egyptian God Osiris Next To The River Nile webfinet.com

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42 thoughts on “#Scientists Just Found The Tomb Of Egyptian God Osiris Next To The River Nile webfinet.com

  1. why are we digging up the dead. Is it for history. What can it teach or give up. The dead is dead. There was only one person on earth that die and came back it was Jesus. Here we are looking and digging up the dead for what. Egypt was a pagan nation. Devil playground. Moses showed us that there pagan gods couldn't do anything they didn't stop god's wrath and these people married with in their own family- brother and sister mother and son- no wonder they had health problem . You can see when a nation without God bad thing happen.

  2. This is just me, but uhm, if you found his tomb, and if his body is there, then he was not a god after all. They say that the tomb of the messiah JESHUAH was found as well, but it seems that all that was found in the tomb was his burial cloths, complete with blood stains, and clear signs of where the nails were. Him i believe.

  3. After seeing all these things some people think that there is a god, and the god they are worshiping is the god. If their current god is truly the god, why he/she is not known during this time? Why their god is not revered elsewhere? God is a myth! Get over it !

  4. The people who lived in Egypt during the building of the pyramids are not the same people living in Egypt today.
    The people who built the pyramids had blond/red hair and blue eyes.
    Same thing in China which is why China tries to cover up their pyramids by planting trees on them.
    Aryans are the builders of ancient megalithic works, hence the kosher war against us in their attempt to wipe out the Aryan races and claim ownership of the world.

    Remember the USS Liberty!
    Never forget the Holodomor!
    Never forget the Lavon Affair!
    Give Palestinians their land, farms and homes back you disgusting greed goblins.

  5. Oh, i don’t think it was scientists. It was archaeologists who find the stuff. A scientist, linguist, mathematician and astronomer may look at the stuff if they are allowed. Nothing is “hidden” it is just forgotten, lying in wait for rediscovery. Question: why loot the tombs and put the stuff in a museum? Why not restore the tomb after inspection and let that be the museum? After all that’s what the pharaoh intended.

  6. I wonder what the anti diluvial megalithic civilisations who built most of the structures in what is now Egypt, would think about these dynastic Egyptians using their buildings as burial sites and temples. Would they regard the hieroglyphs covering all their stonework as primitive graffiti ?

  7. I find it ironic, that the only reason science keeps exploring the world over, is to keep digging up the dead, as there has to be other reasons for doing this. These tombs are usually filled with gold, treasures and science, that people today, are after. Let the dead stay undisturbed, and their possessions. Stop raiding and pillaging dead peoples graves, gaining their knowledge and calling it your own!

  8. We've known about the iron dagger since the 90's and Egyptology still says they only had copper tools.
    If they only were able to get iron from Meteorites… they'd be re-used and re-cycled and not forgotten or left in Tombs… unless it's a Pharoh's weapon of choice, then he needs it in the next life.

  9. The level of hypocrisy is tremendous on one hand y'all glorify and love Egyptians so much but you lied to the masses about who they REALLY and who they REALLY were and you got fake Egyptians living there now . WE coming for our ANCESTORS stop digging around our ancestors tunes in our land. And lying about it at the same time .Stop scratching off the depiction of our people off the walls stop allowing the fake Egyptians that's there now to claim it as theirs and they have zero evidence zero except for some colonial RACIST NARRATIVE… what they believe is true and they don't see themselves or have any DNA ties to any Ancient Egypti.. Kushites Nubians and Egyptians were all black people. The Bible itself is Black History. We're coming for our history.. .. this false doctrine.. HIS STORY IS COLONIAL BASED and RACIST WITH BIAS INFORMATION IT PUTS FORWARD. These LIES AND DECEPTION HAS TO STOP. NOW.

  10. In Age of Mythology Titans expansion you actually join the pieces of Osiris together and then he comes back and starts dropping meteorites all over your enemies and then you go on to the next chapter of the game leaving him behind and the whole time you're wondering why don't we just bring him along and beat everyone

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