#Shocking New Details On Idaho Monster Bryan Kohberger! Pen Pals With BTK? Followed Girls For Weeks! ctm.news

#Shocking New Details On Idaho Monster Bryan Kohberger! Pen Pals With BTK? Followed Girls For Weeks! ctm.news

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47 thoughts on “#Shocking New Details On Idaho Monster Bryan Kohberger! Pen Pals With BTK? Followed Girls For Weeks! ctm.news

  1. vacuuming at midnight makes you a psychopath? 🤣🤣I must be a reformed psychopath cuz I cleaned my apartment after I got off my second shift job. Now taht I don't work second shift and have hard wood floors I don't vacuum now😂

  2. I doubt there was any actual event like being rejected by one of the victims. Serial killers, which I truly believe this man is at this time, hunt people for no reason other than to find people they can kill and hopefully not get caught.

  3. This case is pretty fascinating, but as of right now, other than maybe the DNA, depending on where it was found, everything is circumstantial and can easily be explained away by a good lawyer. I hope the police have a solid case on this guy. I believe those who sleep little fall into two classes. There are those uber geniuses who claim to only get a few hours a night. I believe Einstein and maybe Edison fall into this category. But for the vast majority of people, it messes with your brain and can in fact make you quite crazy. If his has a medical reason behind it, well that could be a potential defense. Will be an interesting trial to follow for sure. Like everyone else I am really perplexed at the two remaining roommates. Were they passed out so heard nothing? Was everyone passed out so heard nothing? Was he interrupted so left in a hurry? So many questions I hope will be answered. And like many, I don't know that this was his first crime of this nature. Not unless he really wanted to make a "splash" and be a big story. Or perhaps he followed the first two into the home, then felt he had no choice when the second two arrived shortly after so had to off all 4.

  4. No Jeremy, you're right. In the 80s DNA evidence wasn't available or either wasn't perfected yet. Even in 95 during the OJ trial it was new. The general public didn't really understand it.
    Experts have stated many times that if OJ had gone to trial in as early as 2015, he would have been convicted in a short time because of the DNA evidence.

  5. He was in his classes before and immediately after the incident. WHERE ARE ALL THE WITNESSES OF HIS BRUISES AND CUTS… ? WHO SAW HIM DAILY IN THE CLASSROOM ?
    There is a claim, other than the claims HE DID NOT CHANGE ONE BIT WHICH ARE MANY SO FAR, that he "talked more"…..
    I mean people are so thick brained and so brain dead and so absolutely willing to have accused everyone within spitting distance it is no surprise they IMMEDIATELY LATCH ON TO TOTALLY HIDDEN GOVERNMENT LIARS EVIDENCE while ignoring everything exculpatory and SCREAM OUT LOUD THE CRIMINAL GENIUS PSYCHOPATH WASN'T SO SMART BECAUSE HE GOT CAUGHT !!!
    Just think of it – they already seeded all your minds to believe the guy acted like was so smart and you had better know it, so you can GLOAT- as the stupid idiots you are – the smart guy got caught ! You're all FOOLS, so easily manipulated, so stupid and unthinking, led by the noses like sheep to slaughter, jumping in the trains and begging to go to the camp, immediately !

  6. Lmao, you usually can tell that…
    How the f would you know?
    What guy chooses 4 people on his first time?
    This guy contacted multiple people to study why they chose to commit a crime…
    This feels like paid for mis information….
    Or just a douche canoe talking out there a$$$…

  7. So he was a wanna be serial killer. possibly an active serial killer if he did any other killings that he might not have been caught for. Actually come to think of it, didn't we have an explosion of serial killers being caught in like the 70's and 80's and then after the 90's it's just kinda died down, hasn't it? We don't really hear about serial killers being caught anymore.

    Do you suppose that's because we don't have very many active serial killers, or because we're not catching them?

  8. Well if that's not a little Theodore Robert Bundy in the making. Sh*t's scary! – stalking and all the other crazy stuff, if true. This psycho was about an 1 hour and a 1/2 away from me when he made his escape back to PA. It's a bit unsettling.

  9. I don't know how families of people killed like this can stand to live through the long legal processes without going nuts. Someone would have to restrain me. So terrible.

  10. As a mother I wonder what his childhood was like. What goes wrong with people who commit such horrific things? They weren’t BORN evil. What goes wrong?? When does it happen?? Are there other children growing up right now who will do things like this and can it be prevented? I feel for his family. The horror of what their son did will haunt them all their lives. (I’ve thought these things about other monsters throughout history. WWII comes to mind).

  11. So 4 people are murdered, your son lives there. Weeks later your son calls and says he's coming home and wants to know if you wanna fly out and spend some quality time driving back with him.
    Ok I'm good with that, no one would think their child is a murderer. Once he starts wearing gloves everywhere, that's when you go "oh shit".

  12. I also wonder why he choose that night to attack them being Ethan was in the house. Perhaps he had stalked them for awhile but not that night….or was following Kaylee and Maddie that night vs Z and Ethan so he didn’t know he was in the house. Either way, seems odd he was so organized yet put himself in an unpredictable situation with a young male in the home.

  13. The father flying down to drive back with him is an admission of knowledge of the murders. From there, the parents are accessories after the fact to hide a mass murder.
    Both parents need their phone records pulled to pieces and charges placed once complicity to the murders can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

  14. I think the reason he was asking if he was the only one arrested was to gauge whether or not they were certain he did it. Kind of asking, "Are you suspecting anyone else? Or am I the only one?"

  15. I had a friend who was a victim of green river killer. These monsters are among us all around us. Pay attention to your neighbors..neighborhoods ..
    Do not live in fear just pay attention to things that stand out or that your inner knowing shows you.
    Happy new year everyone

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