#Smart Sustainability 🔊 Self Responsibility in Health: Who’s really in charge of Your health? #Usa #Miami #Nyc #Uk #Es TECH

#Smart Sustainability 🔊 Self Responsibility in Health: Who’s really in charge of Your health? #Usa #Miami #Nyc #Uk #Es TECH

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#holistic medicine #health #alternative #self-healing #body

We’ve listened far too long to a worldview where the human body is treated like a machine that would require a mere engineer to “fix” parts, while the whole human, and thus the whole health was neglected or left by the side. We know that the human is comprised of much more than only the body. All other aspects impact our health, too. Environment, diet, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. in fact: the latter three manifest the physical reality.

While in the past decades, most people put their health in the hands of doctors — other people — are we at a point where we realize that self-healing is an actual thing? Who is really in charge of your health?

Nicolette DeVidar talks with Dr. Stephanie Pina, MD, Dr. Tim Salotto, a holistic practitioner near the White House, and Kristen Sanchez, a viewer who has taken charge of her own health, due to frustration with traditional medical approaches.


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Smart Sustainability with Nicolette DeVidar is a weekly #television show, broadcasted every Sunday LIVE from Tyson’s Corner, the 12th largest business district in the US and a vital part of Metropolitan Washington DC. A TV Talk on shaping a sustainable future in the digital/new human age presents and discusses what empowered citizens need to know about the ongoing change, intelligent use of resources, smart governance, smart industry, inclusive communities, human empowerment, a sustainable and human-centered economy, and healthy, sustainable urbanization. Candid heart-to-heart discussions with people from all walks of life — community leaders, creative innovators, everyday heroes, subject matter experts, and free thinkers on 21st-century issues push boundaries and address challenges of our time from social, political, economic, and human perspectives. In Smart Sustainability, often avoid “big elephants” in the room talking.

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