#Steven Crowder Vs The Daily Wire, MLK Statue Insanity & Much More TECH #Usa #Miami #Nyc #La

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Weekend & Monday 9th January

00:15 Victoria’s Secret

Tuesday 10th January

01:06 Andrew Tate’s Victims
02:36 Pfizer Exec, I’ve Been Murdered
02:54 Baymax 2, Disney Stock Tanks

Wednesday 11th January

04:07 AOC’s Gas Stove Incident

Thursday 12th January

05:17 T-Files, M’Russia
05:56 This Isn’t What It Looks Like
06:26 Dog Girl

Friday 13th January

06:54 Rochester Groomers

Weekend & Monday 16th January

07:16 Vaccine Funding
07:29 MLK Statue, Looks Like A…
08:13 Andrew Callaghan

Tuesday 17th January

08:37 Indiana Crowder & The Big Con

Wednesday 18th January

10:13 Trump Returns To Twitter, Meme Compilation
11:38 Jordan Peterson Deleted Tweet
12:05 Happy Hambly, You Tube Adpocalypse

Thursday 19th January

12:41 Crowder’s Contract
13:03 Baldwin Charged
13:39 Frosk Leaves The Industry, Crab Meme
14:40 Sydney/Jeremy Tropic Thunder Meme

Friday 20th January

16:01 Karen Owens
16:28 Crowder’s Talkboy

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