The Curse of Civil War Gold: Major Discovery Deep Underwater (S2, E8) | Full Episode

Excitement soars when Kevin finally holds gold brought home from the arrest of Jefferson Davis, convincing him that his theory is true. See more in Season 2, Episode 8, “Grave Expectations.”


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On “The Curse of Civil War Gold,” Michigan native Kevin Dykstra embarks on a dogged quest to find a national treasure that dates back to the Civil War – an adventure that takes him and his team all the way to the bottom of Lake Michigan.

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  • CIA on February 11, 2022

    This show tells us how the USA history 🤥 was made 💯😂 that’s why let’s go Brandon 💪🏽

  • Sarcasmo Assholio on February 11, 2022

    None of these shows, ever find anything. But I can't stop watching…

  • Mark Cleveland on February 11, 2022

    Another big show about finding NOTHING!

  • Sunrise to Sunset Lawn Care on February 11, 2022

    Ok you may not be able to legally dig but can you use a probe to see how hard the depression on the GPR

  • Bobo on February 12, 2022

    A tunnel in the barn…🤪.
    The History Channel should be called Fake History Channel.

  • John McKee on February 12, 2022

    If gold was stored in those vaults there would be evidence of gold left behind gold seems to flake off it kind of powdery like look for that

  • Kathleen Yurick on February 12, 2022

    Talk, talk, talk.

  • jmn93065 on February 14, 2022

    The one guy who appears to be a teacher is waking up to the fact that the story concerning Booth is a lie. Welcome to the club. The Golden Circle was connected to the Jesuits who wanted Lincoln dead. Lincoln represented Charles Chiniquy, a Jesuit priest, who had escaped from the Jesuit Order. For this, the Jesuits wanted Lincoln murdered.

  • Richard T on February 14, 2022

    these guy dont know what they are talking about. a tree grows from the top. the sapling would have not been strong enough to take the pitch fork up with it as it grew.

  • R. Bond on February 15, 2022

    The name of the game was investment you get enough people to invest in it and you can make a lot of money

  • DPinVa on February 15, 2022

    I'm hooked of the progress and hopeful that Kevin and the gang are successful. I often forget that the show is largely scripted and borderline faked yet pleased with its entertainment benefits. To that end, please remember that we aren't stupid and its rather easy to tell that costume changes are important when days have (allegedly) passed between scenes. (14:00) Tell the participants to change their stinky clothes after traveling for two day from Front Royal back to the Muskegon. "Pee Yew is what I reserve for the dirty clothes and not the story writing"

  • memer9966 on February 17, 2022

    Why would it be push off that odd back then nobody had deep dives stuff that whatcmake this weird

  • soulseeker aka sandy wolf on February 19, 2022

    The only reason the Government wouldn't exhume the remains of the so called body of Booth is because it would change history!

  • kevin lewis on February 19, 2022

    Considering that all the buildings that Hackly built were financed by the south's gold…. they should all be re-named after confederate people. For instance. The Hackley library should be the Robert E. Lee library. Anything named Hackley should be re-named and the truth should be exposed. Hackly was nothing but a Yankee thief.

  • Wade Parker on February 20, 2022

    Nobody asks why someone would push a box car full of gold into the lake without first unloading the gold or how? How could you push a very very very heavy box car full of very very very heavy gold off the boat and into the lake you might’ve got the first set of wheels off but then how do you drag the belly of the cargo hold across the boat edge?? Sorry but I don’t see how or why. Their search I believe is in vain. This never happened. To go off of hearsay and rumor. I don’t think so

  • Mij Ebre on February 21, 2022

    Geez. I wish one of the many series looking for lost gold would find it. Any one? Please?

  • Chris 1 on February 22, 2022

    It's about 13 minutes you all take the wheels off that device and then carry it out of the woods.. It has wheels why did you not let it carry itself LOL.

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    History sure has a lot of twist and turns

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    We will have to ask Jesus ; what the real truth is

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    Liars and thieves

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    Amassed with greed

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    The barn was burned down to keep the gold hidden

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    Pitch fork and growing tree

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    The side scan sonar doesn’t lie

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    Tunnels and?

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    Wine or gold cellar

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    NO ONE will rewrite history

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    History books are all lies

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    It’s only what the narrative is told

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    Lies and greed

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    The vaults that contain the truth

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    Or not

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    We need a show on lies and gold

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    This might be it

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    It definitely is not Fort Knox

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    It probably got spent on whores and liquor

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    Gold plated lead

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    The story thickens

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    By the time this aires on YouTube ; all will be gone

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    Scuba diving is next

  • William Crisler Jr on February 22, 2022

    100000000 days later

  • Mango Berry on February 23, 2022

    Wanted to watch real history not more middle aged men looking lost in the forest. what happened to History Channel

  • Juliann Armitage on February 26, 2022

    It is interesting to find out that Booth may have escaped and that it may I nvolve the death of President Lincoln.

  • JustDawn on February 28, 2022

    Why does the guy in the plaid shirt always sound like hes got a mouth full of water or spit, everytime he talks? Its seriously annoying to hear him talk.

  • LostAmericanHistory on February 28, 2022

    Ok, the booth escape story has always been 100% plausible to me. The St Helen story seemed right on…until the part where they guy who got shot just happen to also have a broken foot and booths diary on him. Also, that forest doesn't look 150 yrs old for the pitchfork to be in a tree

  • Ben Cox on March 7, 2022

    We aren't allowed to dig, but we are going to waste everyone's time by gpr in the woods. And speculate a tunnel that makes absolutely no sense 😕

  • Phillip Jacobson on March 8, 2022

    Box car made of wood.
    Once it hit the bottom would brake apart.
    The smaller pieces of wood would have floated off.
    Smaller pieces of wood bolted to iron would be held to the bottom. Along with gold bars.
    The train car wheels will be there fully intact. Just like a sunken ship's cannon.

  • WOOHOO FROM TEXAS HARRIS on March 11, 2022

    Why not use a the magno to find the large metal on bottom? A pile of gold would stand out like a bad thumb.😁😁😁🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🚚

  • GRANMAMMY on March 12, 2022

    Wow. I was born and raised in Muskegon but left in my twenties. I never paid attention, except in history class, to Hackley. My grandmother had a newspaper from the 1950s celebrating Muskegon origins, that was interesting. How Hackley was a key player in building so much of Muskegon's and important buildings, but my interest faded after that. If that new then what I'm learning here on this show …!!! Just wow!

  • Red Dirt Farm on March 14, 2022

    A pitch fork….HAHAHA des boys obviously have never seen a pitch fork!!!!

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