#’The Five’ breaks down Southwest Airlines debacle ctm.news

#’The Five’ breaks down Southwest Airlines debacle ctm.news

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‘The Five’ co-hosts react to Southwest mayhem with thousands of flights cancelled during the holiday season.
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49 thoughts on “#’The Five’ breaks down Southwest Airlines debacle ctm.news

  1. Our government is so eager to spend our tax dollars bailing out all of these companies! They did it with the big, three domestic automobile manufacturers decades ago, and all we got from. That was a bunch of CEOs, cashing their bonus checks! The airline industry is no different! In fact, any industry that this country is so eager to be alone, because of their own hardships is likely to spend it on making sure everyone up above gets a big bonuses, while the rest of the company dwindles and people suffer! It’s all a bunch of horse crap! Just as useful to the American people as sending money to Ukraine for some proxy war that we essentially caused 15 years ago —-ish

  2. About thirty years ago, was on a flight to Nebraska. Heavy winds and heavy snow forced a landing at a different airport. Got off the plane and onto a bus that was waiting and made it to our destination. This was a bit different. But, with the government selling us all into centuries of debt, they probably could have taken some of our money and did something. Butegege blew it.

  3. Fox News no different than any other lamestream media. It was a major computer issue. Had nothing to do with what you listed, failing like lots of US tech. We can't keep our electric grid going and yall are worried about some flights canceled

  4. Didn't have these problems 4 years ago with the airlines. everything this Administration puts their hands on just gets worse. they handle the money inflation ,they handle the Border record illegal aliens, they handle the energy record prices,foreign affairs Wars everywhere,they're destroying this country on purpose, nobody's this stupid

  5. Don't give Southwest any money from the American people then next time they said oh we're gonna get ready to go under can I get some money from the government the government needs to tell them no you get no money go under sale you're planes.

  6. This is what you get when you rely on outsourcing your computer IT systems to Indians. SW corporate choose to fire Americans. For some reason they never outsource their own jobs. Hope SW airlines goes under.

  7. I used to work for America West airlines about 15+ years ago and I remember we would ask to borrow Southwest airlines tools or they would use ours and they were very strict about maintenance at least that's one good thing they have… God willing that still remains 🤷

  8. " I did not believe it for one second " sean hannity
    fox "news" executive vp meade cooper ," confirmed under oath she never believed the lies about Dominion."
    do not give the crazies an inch CEO suzanne scott
    see your testimony soon tuckems 🤣

  9. Everybody needs to boycott Southwest do not fly Southwest people after what they did to you people got to stand up for what's right customer service in this country has totally went down the toilet Southwest has been around long enough to upgrade their technology and computers and crap no excuse Southwest I hope you got a business disgusting maybe Elon Musk will buy you and dismantle your company

  10. EFF Southwest! Cost me $1700 to reschedule a last minute on Delta that originally cost $210. This was for our daughter to come home for the holidays and I was going to make it happen no matter what being that her grandmother is gravely ill at home.

  11. Pete will not do anything but lip service . It called an IROP . The industry has seen this problem years ago and fixed it . If middle management had to deal with the customer they would fix it. Blaming the computers is not the cause it management. The industry pay more in taxes and have more regulation than any other industry so they just got some of their money . Pet open his mouth at a time when he should have said We are talking with Southwest to see how the customer can be help. Thus look good make people feel better and then work on it.

  12. It's a political statement apparently that they want another bail out ..again …they shouldn't be in the business of flying….. incompetent to standards….I might be wrong when they did last ..it was winter…

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