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Who are the Grey Aliens and what is their interest in our World? In this documentary we explore the possible motives behind three of the most prolific encounters in our history: The Roswell Incident, the Betty and Barney Hill Abduction and the Abduction of Travis Walton

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40 thoughts on “#THE GREYS ORDER: AGENDA EXPOSED – FULL MOVIE – V ORIGINAL ctmmagazine.com

  1. It’s kinda like we are a science project for some alien race. Like a petri dish. Plant the bacteria or cells and see what grows and periodically check on it and experiment on it and document the growth and mutations.🤷‍♂️ who knows

  2. The grey clone themselves, they are interested in humans reproductive system. Some of you have made a pre birth contract to help them hence abductions and sightings. Time to grow up humanity. If they wanted you dead you would be a long time ago.

  3. I remember this like it was yesterday. The Hills were the only abductees that were never officially denied, denigrated or debunked by the military, the political system nor the scientific community. 😐 That means that the international community of scientifically educated truth seekers have concluded that this incident actually occurred, PERIOD.

  4. Lifelong experiencer here. Overall this is good information, but the pollyanna "space brothers" story at the end was false. Just because they aren't attacking us, doesn't make them friendly. There is a much more nuanced agenda here, they don't want to wipe us out because what point would there be? Also there are different groups with different agendas, some good, some bad but mostly neutral. A conflict with us would send all the other groups into an open conflict and none of them want that.

    The reason the descriptions of "greys" seems to change is because they are genetically engineered to fly ships in deep space by various different groups. Try as you might, you could not stick a human-like race onto a tiny spaceship and send them into space on a generations-long voyage. We would go mad, or die of malnourishment or atrophy. Also carrying fuel, food, living space, activities etc is just not feasible. Pilots are genetically engineered to fly the ships, they have no emotions so they can psychologically handle long-term space travel in small, dark quarters. This is also why they are obsessed with genetics and breeding. There are different varieties of greys made by different groups who send them out to do different things. And the greys are intelligent so they can sometimes "go rogue" and act on their own. These "parent" races are sometimes seen, that's why people see "nordics" or insects, reptilians, "elder greys" etc. They occasionally stop in to oversee the activities.

    If any of this is scary, just remember you have an immortal soul capable of divine love and that drives the bad aliens absolutely insane, because there's nothing they can do to stop it or possess it for themselves.

  5. Let's see now no opposing thumbs fingers that have section cups on the ends and very strange configurations physically no you tell me how these so called aliens could build these spacecraft and all this technology to get here

  6. They are literally fooling the nations through manipulation of our governments giving supposed orders which are wrapped in a juicy story, and voila you have human history in the making. They run the show and have been for some time now and will be coming out in the near future.

  7. Aliens don't come from outer space, they live within the earth, and many enter and exit through the north and south poles using their ships. Think about it, does their genetics look like the result of living in a spaceship or some planet that is completely inhabitable or does it look like a being that avoids contact with the rays of the sun and lives deep beneath our earth and has deprivation of the senses especially sight which explains their wide big eyes.

  8. The age of the universe is everywhere the same. If it took that long for humans to arise, why would it take less time to evolve any aliens? Maybe life takes this long. Therefore we can also assume aliens aren't much more technical advanced than humans.

  9. I'm not just a watcher I'm a true true believer because I have seen these things many times throughout my 56 years brothers and sisters believe me we are definitely not alone they are here and they have been here for millennium

  10. I have a story to tell and I have 2 witness about a Floating City back at my Hometown is 89 Miles from Roswell, New Mexico and yes the Military was involved because that's what caught my attention at first and then that Floating City just appeared above me so now I am a Human Vessel if you don't know what that means I have an alien living inside me even my Psychiatrist knows my Son knows and other People and The Federal Government Also Knows…
    We Come In ✌️✌️✌️!!!

  11. You must understand one thing. Satan is the prince of the power of the air. Whatever you see in the skies is a deception by the enemy. No aircraft or space craft can defy physics with high speed sharp angled turns the way we see them do. Now can't just disappear without a trace then reappear. They are orbs of light. If you look up the descriptions of angels they are not what we've been told they are or represented to us. These are satanic forces meant to deceive mankind. Don't be easily fooled.

  12. Man!
    I’m very disappointed in this presentation. Music up music down music blast kindergarten art in excess… movie making at its worse,hardly qualifies asa documentary. I bailed early. Ten minutes was all I could endure. Better luck next time or better yet try…a cooking show.

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