The Hubble Telescope Has Just Discovered Something Massive Hiding Behind This Cosmic Dust #TopStory #Tech #Usa #Miami #Nyc #Uk WEBFI👉

Believe it or not, but just a year ago not many people knew about the James Webb Space
Telescope. It only skyrocketed to fame after its highly anticipated and successful launch. So
which space telescope was the center of attention before James Webb began sending us
mesmerizing images of the universe to analyze? It was none other than the infamous Hubble
Telescope. Often referred to as HST, this space telescope that was launched into a low Earth
orbit back in the year 1990 revolutionized the fields of space science and Astronomy. In fact the
telescope still remains operational and quite recently it brought to our attention something
massive hiding behind the Cosmic Dust blurring our view of outer space.
The Hubble may not be the first space telescope but it is one of the largest and most versatile
telescopes. It has proven to be an immensely helpful tool vital for research and as a public
relations boon for the science of Astronomy. The telescope is named after the astronomer
Edwin Hubble and is considered one of NASA’s Great Observatories. Hubble’s targets are
selected by the Space Telescope Science Institute which also processes the resulting data. But
the spacecraft itself is controlled by the Goddard Space Flight Center. The Hubble Telescope
features a 2.4 meter mirror and its five main instruments observe in the ultraviolet, visible and
near infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Because its orbit exists outside the
distortion of Earth’s atmosphere, Hubble can capture amazing high resolution images with
significantly lower background light as compared to the ground based telescopes. The
miraculous space telescope has managed to record some of the most detailed visible light
images, allowing scientists a deep view into outer space. Numerous observations made by the
Hubble space telescope have led to game changing breakthroughs in astrophysics, one such
being the determination of the rate of expansion of the universe. Hubble was funded and
constructed during the 1970s by the United States space agency NASA with the help of the
European Space Agency. After many technical delays, budget issues and the 1986 Challenger
disaster, the telescope was finally launched in 1990. It is the only telescope designed to be
maintained by the astronauts in space. So far five space shuttle missions have repaired,
upgraded and replaced various systems on the telescope. The Hubble Telescope completed its
thirty years of operation back in April 2020 but it is expected to last until 2030 to 2040. Over the
three decades it has been in space, the Hubble Telescope provided us with immense
knowledge and visuals including high resolution spectra and images of black holes, hubble deep
field, ultra deep field and extreme deep field images, reappearance of a supernova, mass and
size of milky way, pro-planetary disks in the Orion nebula, the optical counterparts of the
mysterious gamma-ray bursts and more. Experts believe that this great telescope might be
nearing the end of its operation but it’s still got a few tricks up its sleeve and just recently it has
brought to light some interesting new information about the universe around us with the help of
the JWST

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