The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday February 8th, 2022

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  • C D on February 9, 2022

    This podcast is a joke. This man literally only has a job because of Aaron rodgers. Lmao crazy so many of you fall for this scam 🤣

  • Pat_N_Black on February 9, 2022

    She thought you were saying she has PMS with that hashtag lmafo

  • Danny Pena on February 9, 2022

    Can't wait for dolphins next season…tua def mentally strong
    .. hopefully rams win…won't be mad at jbo winning either

  • A B on February 9, 2022

    2:06:41 Conner might’ve have his best “Jesus” reaction bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kane Dobson on February 9, 2022

    Love Colleen 🤘

  • Josh Polson on February 9, 2022

    4:32 show start

  • George on February 9, 2022

    3:05:04 watching mad dog's intro from across the room

  • Adam Allison on February 9, 2022

    Love this show

  • KD Morris on February 9, 2022

    Marshall Faulk wearing a Panerai Luminor watch. Love to see that!

  • Arthur Rahman on February 9, 2022

    Connor was wasted haha

  • Arthur Rahman on February 9, 2022

    The Hammer DAHN intro was ELECTRIC

  • Brian Michael on February 9, 2022

    Please fix the buzzing

  • KodiakVerde on February 9, 2022

    Who was ripped guy who jumped over the wall?

  • zaccready18 on February 9, 2022

    I walk by the LA convention everyday omw to work.. the fact that yall are here is awesome!!

  • Tyler Thomas on February 9, 2022

    Please god no, not Louis riddick

  • ohhimark2889 on February 10, 2022

    Pat you are my therapy. You may never see this comment but you and AJ and they boys have gotten me thru having covid twice, once which almost killed me. I been a healthcare care worker for 16 years as CNA and every…single…day…I watch your show or if missed i watch it or the highlights. From you running an RV thru a building to your flooded land you bought…thank you Pat and i speak for the millions AND THE MILLIONS….who watch your show…we love you. P.s. I miss your cluttered desk

  • Supreme Nachos on February 10, 2022

    Marshall "Iassaultwomen" Faulk

  • Emagdnim on February 10, 2022

    Loved the Real World call back. Great idea back then!

  • randy Perez on February 10, 2022

    1:51:12 IRVIN

  • Benjamin Correa on February 10, 2022

    Switch to the white deodorant not the gel ones. The gel ones tend to be the problem

  • eric jernigan on February 10, 2022

    Pat was so insulted with the kick flopping question lol

  • RamonDLP on February 10, 2022
  • Jake Haye on February 10, 2022

    Why diggs foot pointing so far in

  • M M on February 10, 2022

    2:25:15 Man, “Ursula at National” really taking on the chin 😂

  • rizednb on February 10, 2022

    best sports talk show out there!!

  • mike Alberts on February 11, 2022

    Brady comes back. After he buys the dolphins. And becomes the first owner/player

  • Tony N on February 11, 2022

    Riddick deserves this. Period.

  • Face312 on February 11, 2022

    I already miss the old studio

  • Andy Luellen on February 12, 2022

    It’s too bad he has to pop all those adderall 🙁

  • Ilikeballs on February 15, 2022

    Man one half of the hammer down cow boys looks soooooo different with a regular hat on

  • dan schriver on February 16, 2022

    I think the pro bowl should move to 7-7 or flag. Lineman can compete in lifting/sled challenges and the relays. Bring back all the skills and throwing comps and no more linebackers in the fastest man race

  • Matt Miller on February 16, 2022

    2:27:00 I’m dying hahahahaha

  • KaitlynB on April 12, 2022

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