#The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday January 3rd, 2023 ctmmagazine.com

#The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday January 3rd, 2023 ctmmagazine.com

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42 thoughts on “#The Pat McAfee Show | Tuesday January 3rd, 2023 ctmmagazine.com

  1. I agree with Aaron Rodgers both Coach Taylor and Coach McDermott showed incredible leadership and calm in what was a horrific situation. My heart goes out to Damar, his family, and friends and I pray for a speedy full recovery. Damar is in the best hands possible. The Doc's and nurses at UC Medical Center are some of the best in the world.

  2. “This mic is going to be on in front of thousands on Monday, so you better win”, “the lions big dogged us, I’ll remember that”

    “Last night should give us all perspective. Don’t hold grudges, say something nice to someone…”

    Bit hypocritical there Pat don't ya think? You guys are acting like you're the only reason the Lions are relevant and it's coming off as incredibly entitled. Love the show guys but that was some very unfortunate energy being thrown around.

  3. Whether you are a believer, atheist, whatever, please continue lift up prayers, positive vibes, or whatever means of support for Damar and his family. Hug your loved ones a little tighter, fam, and don’t forget to tell them how much they mean to you.

  4. My husband went into cardiac arrest at our apartment in 2020 and thankfully we live pretty much across the street from where the first responders were and they were able to bring him back. I didn't get any new updates for about 3 days and then he woke up and was out of the hospital in a week with no brain damage. I know first hand modern medicine can work wonders and this kid is younger and healthier than my husband so I am feeling positive based on my own personal experience but it is very traumatic and all they can do is take it hour by hour 💕

  5. In two calendar years, my high school was the inadvertent perpetrator of two on-field deaths and subsequent resuscitations. To the guys’ point about the “move on” football mindset, we finished both games. It’s a jarring thing to witness once, let alone twice, and then have to continue playing.

  6. Everybody at espn keep saying never seen anything like it , well 1997 pontiac silverdome reggie brown breaks neck vs parcels jets he cant breath ambulance came on field just like last night and they played game after ambulance left field

  7. I heard a possible reason that they didn't call the game right away, is because they didn't want the roads to be clogged up so the emergency vehicle(s) could get out easier.
    EDIT: was listening on a delay and just heard Ty say the same thing.

  8. I can see why pat was a little hurt about getting denied to talk to MCDC, but I don't think Pat realizes this is Detroit biggest game we had in 5 years. it doesn't matter to us if we can't make playoffs if settles wins it's all about beating "as alot of lions call him Karen Rodger" an knocking Greenbay out off playoffs. The rivalry might be one sided but the lions organization knows how important it is to beat the Packers in Lambo to us fans.

  9. I know Pat is supposed to be an entertainer…….but wow the delivery in the opening statements was poor. Said Hamlin's name wrong MULTIPLE times, being super animated and talking about concussions. Like dude, get it together and learn to have a little bit of restraint.

  10. Biggest overreaction day in sportsmedia ever! what’s next cancel playoffs, entire rest of season? Stop speculating and assuming, whenever there is news we will hear it. I hope Damar Hamlin makes it and recovers from this.

    Unlike Uche Nwaneri who actually died from heart attack but that was not on national tv so nobody even talks about that! Does not even make the headlines of sport sites.. but the entire day is all day only the Damar Hamlin story.
    R.I.P. Uche Nwaneri and Ken Block

  11. Yep, Zac Taylor was a champion last night. He and Sean came together decided to bring their entire teams into the locker room and decided we aren’t playing this game tonight, and we saw Zac and Sean hug near the locker room.

  12. What skip said literally isn’t fucked at all. Do some of you not know how to read? He said everything else was irrelevant because the guys health was the most important thing? Nothing he said is fucked

  13. Not to take away from the family and health of Hamlin, and the bills; god bless them. Is anybody going to give any care or respect to the Bengals?? They experienced this tragedy also on their field and have to deal with that as we’ll coming out the gates looking back all the credit and prayer seems to be to Buffalo, as if Cincinnati didn’t have this happen in their stadium as well. I hope people give the Bengals love and respect for dealing with this tragedy in real time.

  14. The full might of the Bills Mafia about to body slam Skip Bayless through a table with no petroleum jelly. There are people that normally aren't watching football looking for a pound of Skip Bayless flesh.

  15. I'm still wondering how it happened. The tackle didn't look violent. I've seen players get tattooed and get up like it was nothing. Unless there's a congential defect that went unnoticed, sudden cardiac arrest is incredibly rare in young people.

  16. Stop calling for the head of whoever tried to make the game start again after 5 minutes. It was obviously one of the refs in the crew, they have their marching orders – that decision was made on the fly without anybody's input. You stick with the plan until you are told otherwise as an employee without the powers to cancel a freaking game.

  17. Pat better be ready for that fade if he comes into Michigan. Straight disrespect always . Your a colts fan buddy. Ask Aaron how much clete blakeman got paid to throw the packers lions Monday night game and tear our
    Team apart.

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