#They CAN’T hide this anymore, it’s all starting to unravel | Redacted with Clayton Morris ctm.news

#They CAN’T hide this anymore, it’s all starting to unravel | Redacted with Clayton Morris ctm.news

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“Germany is now showing a spike in excess deaths. What is behind this? Doctors are calling for an investigation but will we get one?

Separately, a new study from the Cleveland Clinic shows that the more Covid vaccines one gets, the higher the risk of Covid. Why is that? We look at that data too!”

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28 thoughts on “#They CAN’T hide this anymore, it’s all starting to unravel | Redacted with Clayton Morris ctm.news

  1. There's no doubt in my mind that the master of the universe wannabes are hell bent on killing billions of people by whatever means necessary so they can reduce the world of to their desired 2 billion people which they say is the amount of people Earth can sustain. The truth is more horrifying than this, their goal is to reduce the population to that 2 billion number because that's the amount of people they can safely enslave without fear of a revolt that will annihilate them. This is what the great reset is all about.

  2. Now they will poor sulfur dioxide from the launched balloons in stratosphere.
    Look up: Making sunsets.
    Of course Bill Gates of hell is financing this as well.
    This will cause respiratory issues and many more.

  3. Because the rest of people in our Country are SHEEP! BECAUSE It's hard to wake up a Country that has been Brain washed into believing from childhood that there Country stands for Freedom a just nation equality for all! And some still believe that fluoride phosphate prevents cavities! When it was made clear in the 70's ITS POISON! Causing thyroid issues even Thyroid failure! Autoimmune disease! It's in our water, sodas, soft drinks! The Dentist chair! It's a Fact Now! In the Freedom of the information act that the CIA conducting experiments on unwilling meaning without there permission or knowledge of being lab rats! Why is it so hard to wrap around there head! That the thing we can't talk about! Because we live in a policy State: Translation Police state! This is my Opinion under the right to free speech in our Constitutional Rights written by our four Fathers! A idea to live by which is now a lie! WAKE UP! Sending light and Love so that it may awaken the people on Mother Earth 🌎 Happy New Year Redacted my 2023 be a EYE Opening YEAR! NAMESTA 🙏💜

  4. I don’t know why anyone hasn’t brought this up and actually talking about it before now. The hell with losing your job or license. If enough Professionals came forward all at once all over the world, how can it be suppressed?

  5. Well now it can’t be hidden much longer-the ones who set the fires run away in the dark then run back and help throw water or pull your child from the flames as the hero that saved your child,well this is what we are seeing now with many from within to try and build there trust back so pay very close attention and remember who those are that have been behind and saying that population must be decreased and are working on making that happen

  6. A colleague of mine, mid 40's, fit football player suddenly dropped dead on Boxing Day – Heart Problems. My father died suddenly, my mothers cousin died suddenly, my son in laws grandfather also all within weeks of each other.

    As a pureblood I know EXACTLY what caused that and I want to see blood from the bastards that did this. I point the finger at Bill Gates, Fauci, The WHO and the rest of them, haul their arses before a full blown investigation.

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