#Trump’s tax returns are now public ctm.news

#Trump’s tax returns are now public ctm.news

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Six years of Donald Trump’s federal tax returns show the former president paid very little in federal income taxes the first and last year of his presidency, claiming huge losses that helped limit his tax bill.
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47 thoughts on “#Trump’s tax returns are now public ctm.news

  1. So fucking what! We the American people could give a shit! The man donated his salary to charities as President! He made zero dollars as President! In which he is the best President in my 50 years on this earth! Yet congressmen and woman got rich while in office! I want their tax returns to see how that is possible!

  2. Biden's taxes are public all the way back into the 90's. He isn't the criminal, Trump is. And Trump's comment's prove that. Biden's family members are not involved in the Federal Government, but Trump's were. The only people looking to weaponize the IRS and auditing people unnecessarily, are Trump and the Republican's. Why? Because Trump is a criminal and it's all been and is being exposed. And that makes them all look even worse than the are already. And for people who are only their brand, only idolized for the chaos they cause – this is enraging to them. Too bad.

  3. Lmfao the democrats care so much about climate that they sent a plane to have biden sign the bill that gives EVERYONE in the world money except the American citizen. 😂they are giving more money to the corrupt Ukrainian dictator 😅😂

  4. When will the people realize that people like Trump generates millions in taxes by creating hundreds , if not thousands, of jobs. This whole chase to see his taxes is simply political theatre created by the democrats. These same democrats need to be careful, as they are subject to the same treatment as Trump. Maybe Sandy ( AOC) Cortez would like to explain how she went from a broke waitress to being worth over 29 million in a few years of being a rep in Congress??? With a salary of 175,000 per year that seems a little odd….. Let’s investigate Sandy and Nancy and Ilhan…..

  5. His offshore bank accounts and banks in other countries were transferred into other people's names.. This man Is the most corrupt human I'm the planet and to figure out how corrupt you must think corrupt

  6. 70, maybe 80 new IRS AGENTS as of 2023!? Exposing Trumps taxes , A sign that your personal finances are no longer private since the knew CBDC digital federal dollar will go into effect as of 2023 January.

  7. Didn't know it was mandatory to release your taxes if you run for office? Maybe congress should release all their tax returns when they run for office as well. I'm no Trump fan but releasing it to the public for no reason other than Trump refused to do that when he ran for office is only going to cause more divide in this country.

  8. Meh, they’re all crooked. The idiots are the people that watch CNN or Fox and choose sides based on their bias reporting. Biden is scandalous too along with 99% that come into office and leave multimillion dollars wealthier. I don’t really care about his tax returns

  9. Didn't Wesley Snipe went to prison for not paying his taxes. Billy Bush was lost his job for laughing at something Trump said and he went on to become the president. Micheal Cohen went to prison for helping Trump break the law. As we speak they are talking about no indicting a president who fully understand what he was doing when he broke the law. The IRS will come after you if you don't have someone in the office to shield you from the right investigation.

  10. Unlike every other politician, that becomes infinitely more wealthy than what they were before they held office, Donald Trump, did not take any pay whatsoever for being president, the man lost almost a billion dollars in net worth. Barack Obama was worth $600,000 when he became president, now he's worth over 200 million, where'd all that money come from, because it definitely wasn't from the stupid book deals or the Netflix deal. And you can say the same thing for Joe biden, Nancy pelosi in about every other politician including a lot of Republicans, like Mitch McConnell

  11. Interesting how Trump told the truth during the debate and said he and Hillary use the same loop holes. Now you have his tax records, so what? Tell me how anyone here in the comment sections is going to change the loop holes our elected officials created for the rich and also themselves.
    Go a head and tell me that my vote counts as I search for politicians who say they are going to create change and then make sure they get their slice of the pie before the people they claim to represent.
    I've wasted too many votes and looked foolish trying to vote by conscious while others vote along party lines and vote for identity politics. Go clap like seals over the tax documents being released proving exactly what Trump said years ago then go back to sleep and do nothing about it.

  12. And just like everything else that they have done, and just like everything else fake news media outlets like CNN has said, has proven to be a nothing Burger, or flat out, not true. He constantly makes you people look like you got hit on the head really hard when you were a kid, and something got knocked loose. When are you going to get tired of being so embarrassed?

  13. The Whole Point being….
    America Let Such a Man Become a President in The First Place….
    Which clearly Says….
    "ANYONE" Can Become The President…. They Just Need Money & Good Contacts….
    Which speaks a whole different picture about America….
    I Really Feel Bad…. It's the United States of America…. The Most Powerful Country in The World….
    But Still Totally helpless….
    God Bless America….
    God Bless Us All….

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