#Ukraine pushes to recapture Kreminna as Russian official issues new threats  ToDay.ctm.news

#Ukraine pushes to recapture Kreminna as Russian official issues new threats ToDay.ctm.news

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Russia’s foreign minister says Ukraine must demilitarize or the Russian army will take action. CBS News foreign correspondent Ian Lee joins the show from Dnipro, Ukraine, to discuss Ukraine’s counteroffensive to recapture the city of Kreminna in the Luhansk region. He also weighs in on efforts to return power to the millions of Ukrainians still in the dark and Ukraine’s hope to hold a peace summit early next year.

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38 thoughts on “#Ukraine pushes to recapture Kreminna as Russian official issues new threats ToDay.ctm.news

  1. "There is no invasion and there is no such plans." US Ambassador Anatoly Antonov on "Face the Nation," February 20, 2022 when asked was President Biden correct when he said that Putin had decided to invade Ukraine. Russia imvaded Ukraine 4 days later. Based on their track record, it is unwise to trust ex-KGB Putin's regime and Ukraine are better to continue outmaneuvering Putin's forces.

  2. I find it funny that Russia is complaining about Ukraine defending themselves against the folks who's killing Ukraine's babies. Ukraine has killed zero Russian babies thus far. If Russia attacking Ukraine isn't enough for you to decide what side is good, just look at the numbers of dead babies. It's that easy folks.

  3. Putin is running out of everything. Keep pushing hard and continue to destroy his supply lines. He will slowly but surely be strangled out of Ukraine, including Crimea and the Donbas. Slava Ukraine! 🇺🇦

  4. Russia is in trouble so they offer peace with threats. 🙂

    Russia's friends China and North Korea take military actions to try and help by frightening Ukraine's Western allies. Russia's friend, India's Modi, try's to help by pushing for 'negotiations', it is becoming more and more predictable.

    Lavrov is full of sh*t and furthermore is a war criminal.

  5. Is this the same Russian military that was going to overrun Ukraine in three days.😂😂😂😂
    Here we are over 300 days later.
    They couldn’t do it then and they can’t do it now after losing 100,000 troops along with thousands of armoured vehicles, hundreds of aircraft and the best ships in their Black Sea Fleet.

  6. We must stop revelation chapter 9 from happening before it's to late…. Because if it happens then it will be nothing for humanity to do…. The details to a world wide freedom is written in my book 📖(The 7 Trumpets A Wave that changed the world inspired by Revelation chapter 9 The Fallen Star ⚡ 🦸🏾 /. Jesus Christ who is really Archangel Michael holding the true message of God detailed in my book from the spirit within written in my book is the guidelines to a world wide freedom …. China and Russia will unite against America starting ww3 then the 👽 invasion then the book of revelations… But we end up winning at the end… Ending in a world wide freedom detailed in my book giving to me by the spirit to wake up the world that's why my book is called The 7 Trumpets A Wave that changed the world

  7. So here is statistical distribution of responses in comments from Putin's trolls:
    1) … libs are butchers, indoctrinated, stupid, grandmas etc. = Putin apparently thinks that republicans love him, and only libs hate him.
    2) …Ukraine is not US problem = Putin thinks US citizens don't remember that Putin started war in Ukraine to push Nato from Europe and end world domination of US.
    3) …taxes… = Putin thinks US doesn't understand how effective is the setup when US soldiers don't need to die in Europe to save the world order which is the basis of US prosperity.
    4) …too much help…= Putin thinks that US citizens don't realize that military aid to Ukraine is ~1.5% of total US military budget in 2022.
    …so in general Russian trolls are very funny…

  8. I think some "republicans" need to understand, that no matter Democrats or Republicans, US will spend a rather large sum on security… you can go back and look at defence and security spending regardless of leadership, its huge sums thats invested in security, and the money Ukraine gets is a rather small sum, considering the bang for the buck US gets, and its money they would invest in security regardless, the question allways comes down to, where does your dollar make the best gain ?… PS look at the money Trump administration put on security, every Amercian goverment invests huge sums in security

  9. The Russian Army can't solve anyone's issue. They are good at one thing only; killing their own soldiers with medieval tactics. The UN is no more relevant than watching day TV. Russia wants some resolution from the UN but pays no attention to actions already passed that were unfavorable to Russia. USA needs to get the UN to move somewhere else to hold their charades.

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