#Wait! They’re STILL doing this at the Wuhan lab! Fauci lied again! | ctm.news

#Wait! They’re STILL doing this at the Wuhan lab! Fauci lied again! | ctm.news

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“New documents show that the U.S. is still funding gain of function research. The Daily Caller has uncovered evidence that the NIH is still keeping the money flowing to Wuhan… in secret. Well less secret now because we’re going to talk about it.

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24 thoughts on “#Wait! They’re STILL doing this at the Wuhan lab! Fauci lied again! | ctm.news

  1. After living 5 years in Britain, following the drama of a Referendum and the attempts to leave the EU by voting Brexit, in utter confusion, followed by the roll-out of intense propaganda to make the population compliant to needlework, inventing a fairy tale lately, with so called proof in a hilarious complex report, saying that those free of needlework are at more risk to experience traffic accidents, my impression of Britain's strategies regarding the development of ever triumphant medical science, holding it in high esteem for reasons entirely out of sync with reality, it doesn't surprise me that Britain is funding Wuhan labs. PM Rishi Sinak's past is scrutinized now.

    Britain is turning into a copy of China, when the population doesn't wake up from its complacency, its government is insane and the population is treated as slaves, entirely dumbed down for many years already. Rishi Sunak is now challenged for his hedge hunt past.
    Britain has accepted M o d e r n a ' s funding of a nuclear plant, in exchange for funding their needlework with more m R N A -varieties.
    In a darkly humorous way, the Tory government seems to be addicted still to the lust for world power, ignoring the lives of its citizens.

  2. Virologists proudly announced earlier this year that they had made a super corona virus with an 80% death rate or something like that in an AMERICAN UNIVERSITY LAB. Gain of function isn't a secret anymore, nor is it illegal (it was for a minute, but they changed that). The fact that Fauci ever lied about it suggests his guilt in an even broader spectrum of crimes against humanity.

  3. Fauci: "I didn't approve the things, I knew nothing about it… "

    Sounds like NZ's prime minister j.a concerning the decision to stop Rebel News journalists Avi Yemini and Rukshan Fernando from coming into NZ.
    In the press conference that had been held, after being approached by Sean Plunket, and being asked about the NZ Interpol memo concerning the Interpol"s 'fishing expedition ' to 'dig up dirt' on Avi, she replied
    "I know nothing of what you claim on behalf of the agencies you claim,…"
    And her last comment in all that?
    "I'm not familiar with anything that you've raised and the individual that was denied entry last week … that was a decision at an operational level that did not involve ministers."

    Yes, I think we are all just getting so sick of the blatant and deliberate lies.

    Why are "they" [all] allowed to get away with this constant refusal to own up to the truth?
    Do "they" grant us the same?

  4. If generals and other “leaders” are held to account for the actions of their subordinates, then that known, proven liar Herr Doktor Fauci needs to be hauled into court in his own private “Nuremberg!” 🤬

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