WEBFI-Cpanel-WHM Tutorials – How to Manage Your System PHP-FPM Configuration

This video demonstrates cPanel & WHM’s System PHP-FPM Configuration interface. This interface is part of WHM’s MultiPHP Manager interface.

In this interface, you can set and edit pool name and PHP INI directives for your server. These settings cover the domains on your server that use PHP-FPM. Unlike previous versions of cPanel & WHM, you no longer have to make these changes from the command line. As of cPanel & WHM version 78, you can update these settings from the interface.

We filmed this video in cPanel & WHM version 78.

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  • Drizzy Doun on December 12, 2021

    i don't see this options in my MaltiPHP manger

  • Craig Mullins on December 12, 2021

    at 2:52. You talk about php-fpm pool options. How do you tune the servers for those options?max requests, max children, etc? I got a bunch of websites on one whm account.

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