WEBFI-TECH-BREAKING: Tesla Starts Semi Production With 4680 Batteries for PepsiCo

Tesla will be delivering 15 pre-production Semis to Pepsi for testing by end of Jan at Pepsi’s Modesto CA FritoLay facility. The TSLA Semis were built in Giga Nevada and will use new 4680 cells. Pepsi is installing several Megachargers at the facility.

I believe the 4680 battery cells for the Tesla Semi production are coming from the Kato road facility. There’s a prototype line there that’s been stockpiling them for a while now.

According to Drive Tesla to prepare for the Tesla Semis’ arrival, Tesla has reportedly started installing several Megachargers at PepsiCo’s Modesto, California facility. “Images shared with EV publication Drive Tesla indicated that the Semi’s Megachargers are connected to a Megapack battery. The power output of the Megachargers was reported to be a whopping 1.5 MW as well, which should allow the Tesla Semi to recharge its massive battery pack fairly quickly. Interestingly enough, previous estimates suggested that the Semi’s Megachargers would have peak rates of about 1 MW,” reports Teslarati.


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  • basam nath on January 7, 2022

    Good morning

  • El Desván De Dan on January 7, 2022

    It's happening! OMG

  • Tom Huggins on January 7, 2022

    That seems like a good sign for MYP in Austin.

  • ArizVern on January 7, 2022


  • CH Y on January 7, 2022

    OMG !!!!

  • Teddy Greene on January 7, 2022

    Beautiful truck

  • 777Eagleed on January 7, 2022

    This is big news! Great news reporting from you as always. No false headlines to get extra views. I always find myself giving you a thumbs up. Keep up the good reporting!

  • SRB on January 7, 2022

    What problem does this ridiculous vehicle solve??👎

  • yogi bee on January 7, 2022

    Does anyone know if the Semi comes equipped with an airbag or an extra large hepa filter?

  • Shiba Emoon on January 7, 2022

    I live not far from a major trucking route. I look forward to noticeable reduction in highway noise over the next several years. FSD will also keep trucks in lane and not run over the rumble strips which create a very loud noise that carries for many miles.

  • Ekwueme Anyadibe on January 7, 2022

    Why is Tesla testing the Semis with Pepsico? Is the model not production ready and needs further improvements?

  • michael clayson on January 7, 2022

    Potatoe chips are lightweight loads how will these trucks perforrm in severe weather such as extreme cold?

  • Shiba Emoon on January 7, 2022

    Many truck drivers play rollercoaster physics while they drive the mountains. This is why they tailgate passenger cars by only a few feet. They don't want to hit their brakes so they can use momentum for the next hill and conserve fuel. This is extremely dangerous and I've noticed it more and more. I no longer drive freeways as much as I can avoid them. I hope the Tesla Semi will start to make a change in this trend toward safer highways.

  • Aldo Zeni on January 7, 2022

    Hi! You should tell Tesla to build the Semi in China like the models 3 and Y,S,X,and send them to Europe, I think it is the quickiest way to earn an huge money.thanks.

  • Red Edwards on January 7, 2022

    Pepsi paid a PRETTY PENNY….NO worries they'll make it back in ONE day SELLING Pepsis delivered by these TESLA TRUCKS and all the added ADVERTISING/EXPOSURE. and MARKETING. Welcome to AMERICA where you spend a BILLION one day and make 3 BILLION the NEXT …hahhahahah

  • Ed Deetz on January 7, 2022

    Pepsi Co can't loose, use Tesla solar panels and batteries to charge and store energy, when all vehicles are done they sell power during peak to the grid pm and am. Buy extra cheap power all night. A

  • Dean McManis on January 7, 2022

    This is great news! Both about the semis being built and delivered to PepsiCo, and using the 4680 batteries.

  • Avg Joe on January 7, 2022

    Nice catch. I have been waiting eagerly for this news for a very long time.

  • Michael Weber on January 7, 2022

    Looks like a huge PEZ

  • Phil Manke on January 7, 2022

    1.5 mega-Butt.!.!.!. From Nevada, yet.!.!.!.Great.!.!.

  • Michael Weber on January 7, 2022

    What if "Model 2" will look like Semi in miniature. Well the front, cabin part only of course

  • jonathan daniels on January 7, 2022

    now that's good news

  • Andrew Vader on January 7, 2022

    I think they're starting both cyber and the semi at the same time. It's just with the semi they just need to make 15 vehicles and do the test pilot and don't they don't need to run assembly on any longer than that because they're trying to figure out what they need to do to make it successful versus the cybertruck there you know what they're doing just build it and go

  • Patrast 💯 on January 7, 2022


  • M K on January 7, 2022

    A lot of repetition in this 10+ min video. All the news is given in the first 2 mins. Please get more content or make the video shorter.

  • Chan Nguyen on January 7, 2022

    Such a great news👏. With the respect to cell constraints those 4680 will generate more profit in the Cyber Trucks or M3/Y, but they will reduce more CO2 and other emissions per kWh in the Semis. We should remind ourselves that Tesla is both profit and mission driven. No more Coca Cola for me until they order some Semis😆

  • Benjamin R on January 7, 2022

    Awesome 😎

  • DavidP92105 on January 7, 2022

    Nowadays it difficult to tell whether the news are fake! semis, tesla phone, model 2…!

  • Art 4. on January 7, 2022

    Would be cool to see their logo on a rocket.

  • williampmcd on January 7, 2022

    I like the way you do your reports in segments

  • Paul Kim on January 7, 2022

    I don’t think any priority is being given to semi over Cybertruck. Both are being worked on simultaneously.

  • Denis Kikanovic on January 7, 2022

    Tesla is the future. In time they will develop more and more products to meet needs. Building a more sustainable future they have my full support.

  • Volker Siegel on January 7, 2022

    Why they prioritize Semi above Cybertruck?Maybe just because the Semi is important, not only popular?

  • Stan on January 7, 2022

    1.5Megawatt = 30 Homes at full load (200A service)

  • Kaleb Carpenter on January 7, 2022

    Pepsi: we got tesla
    Coke: oh cra…

  • The Electric Man on January 7, 2022

    this is amazing news

  • randolph torres on January 7, 2022


  • André Andre on January 8, 2022


  • Torque News on January 8, 2022

    NEWS: Watch Tesla Giga Berlin's battery production building nearing completion.

  • Miguel García on January 8, 2022

    Curioso, va a entregar camiones sin a verlos probado …… Lo que me voy a reír como con el túnel sin atascos.

  • Richard Essenwanger on January 8, 2022

    I'm guessing TESLA had some agreements with PEPSICO about semi delivery timelines that have slipped for all the reasons everyone is talking about. A small production sample works for both companies so that can get some real-world testing done prior to TESLA tweaking the design for large scale production and PEPSICO deciding how many units to purchase and how fast to purchase them

  • Stuart Sabin on January 8, 2022

    I don't mind putting OPEC out of business!

  • AG on January 8, 2022

    Long haul trucks still in development? So these Tesla semi's for Pepsi is just for city or local use?

  • Ken Seehart on January 10, 2022

    Of course the Semi has priority over Cybertruck for initial deliveries. Cybertruck is only important when they can ramp up production to a significant scale. This won't happen until the 4680 is ramped.

    The Semi is different because the main issue is credibility. There is a certain amount of skepticism about the Semi, and this is exacerbated by previous unmet optimistic timelines. The Pepsi delivery will demonstrate that the extraordinary specs of the Semi are not just hype, and are indeed reality.

  • Black Dragon on January 10, 2022

    Tesla junk what and Uglier,,,,,,, Truck I hope Hackers soon hack into theses Trucks it would be funnier to see this worthless junk shut down

  • luis laurencio on January 10, 2022

    Meanwhile, in south florida pepsi cant deliver their products to supermarkets because all the drivers leave because of poor pay. Keep spending money on the wrong things

  • Radu Cristian Dumitrescu on January 11, 2022


  • Melecia Moore on January 14, 2022

    please eliminate the saturation on your micrphone. I find the oversturated sound intolerable. I'm sure other feel similarly a d we are robbed of your nice reports.

  • Stanley Kania on January 15, 2022

    Nice 👍..

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