WEBFI-TECH-Elon Musk JUST SECRETLY Printed an INSANE New Starship in 3 Days!

Elon Musk is a man on a mission. He wants to see humans living on Mars as soon as
possible. This burning desire of his needs a brand new spacecraft, which he is rapidly
building. However, Musk wants to hasten the development process, which is why his
company, SpaceX is using a very innovative method to construct the parts for its
rockets, that is, 3D printing! How is SpaceX printing rocket parts, and is 3D printing safe
to use in rockets?
Join us as we dive into SpaceX’s futuristic 3D printing of rockets!
3D printing is one of the cool tech people hear about and see for the first time and go
‘wow!’ It is never not amazing to watch a piece or component grow from a speck into its
full size! Then comes the barrage of questions; how does it work? Can it print using any
material? Can it print a car? What about a house?
However, not many people will ask if 3D printing can work for rockets! Except if they are
Elon Musk, who takes dares for a living! The billionaire tech entrepreneur is always
willing to take bets where others will be conservative!
But first, how does 3D printing work? This question is important as it will help us see
how 3D printing fits into Musk’s plans!
3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing and the name makes sense as the
concept involves adding more materials until you get the shape and size that you want.
The process starts with a digital file, and you end up with a solid three dimensional
object. You get to this final destination by laying down successive layers of material until
the object is created. Each of these layers can be considered as a thinly sliced cross-
section of the object.
This process is different from subtractive manufacturing which means you keep
removing material from a solid object until you get your desired shape and size, as it
happens in milling workshops!
One major advantage with 3D printing is that you can make complex shapes easier and
magnitudes faster than with traditional manufacturing processes.
3D printing is now routinely used in many industries as it has passed the stage where it
was only useful for making prototypes and can now make full blown products. They are
used in fields like healthcare to consumer products. They also make good tools for
teaching design. Acumen Research and Consulting forecasts that the global 3D printing
market will reach 42 billion dollars by 2026!
SpaceX began dabbling in 3D printing in 2014. Because of its ability to cut down
fabrication processes that would have taken months to do into days, 3D printing fits
nicely into Musk’s plans. He is racing against time to get his Mars colonization project
off the ground. Doing so would require making many units of its latest rocket, the
Manufacturing the Starship is no mean feat, given the expectations! It is going to be the
tallest rocket ever built, towering 120 meters when assembled! It will also be the most
powerful as Musk needs to transport tons of cargo to create all the support systems that
his Mars volunteers will need when they start arriving! It will carry more than 100 metric
tonnes to Earth orbit! All these with the additional requirement that both stages are to be
fully reusable, which adds another layer of complexity!
Musk’s plan is to get SpaceX to the level where it can make a complete Starship in
three days, which will require immense speed!
There is another reason Musk wants to speed up the development of his rocket! NASA
will soon resume flights to the moon, which has stopped receiving human visitors since
1972! SpaceX is going to play a huge part as NASA astronauts will descend to the
moon’s surface using the Starship, for which NASA is paying SpaceX almost three
billion dollars! Time is ticking, and Musk has to hurry as the whole nation is waiting on
his Starship rocket! This deadline is even closer than his own Martian dreams.
For these reasons, SpaceX is building and testing Starship prototypes at breakneck
speeds at its Texas facility. The numerous parts have to be fabricated as fast as
possible to keep up with the scheduled tests before the Starship is deemed fit to work!
This is where 3D printing comes in, as it is a faster method of fabricating parts.
Presses make car chassis in two or three pieces, a process that eliminates much
welding, riveting, and sealing. There is even a rumor that Tesla will make the whole
chassis of a small car in a single piece using a more powerful Giga Press in China!
SpaceX has been 3D printing some parts of its rocket for some time now, and they have
worked with no issues! The company has used 3D printing in the SuperDraco thruster
engine for the Dragon Spacecraft and in one of the Falcon 9 rocket engines.
The SuperDraco thruster engine is what the Dragon spacecraft uses to maneuver in
orbit and during re-entry. The Dragon Version 2 spacecraft also uses SuperDracos in
the crewed version, where they power the launch escape system that is integrated into
the spacecraft.



  • James Spock on December 14, 2021

    Go Elon 👍💪🦇🦇

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    Elon is a "go-getter", not a sheep, if the technology isn't there, he'll make it happen.

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  • The Macso on December 14, 2021

    3d printing is the future. Props to musk

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    hello the longmask print a house with better windows how? the gates have windows for micro soft am wited the sart chip enter price

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  • Chad Williamson on December 14, 2021

    People just do not get how important Musk is to humanity. Hes done more already than any inventor in the history of Earth. Davinci and Tesla are childs play compared to his ideas.

  • Robert Mines on December 14, 2021

    Having worked in metal 3d printing for 20 years I am amazed at how Elon Musk is pushing the technology. A main issue is quality of metal components…porosity, grain structure, surface quality etc ..the fundamental science theories for these are still being the engineers at SpaceX must be really pushing the technology.. good on them (And Elon)!

  • EURO TRICKSTA on December 14, 2021

    Always room for improvement

  • Agostinho Matos on December 14, 2021

    Even Buck Rogers star ship is more aerodynamic and has more lift that SpaceX new bulk Starship. This sci-fi format of the last century 50s decade is surely giving great problems to SpaceX company.

  • John Loibl on December 14, 2021

    Tesla cybertruck is for mars

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    I want a 3d printed car. Even the tyre.

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    Go Elon! A fan from India

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    Super way to go , good for him and Space X and our country, he know holds the knowledge and key to future industrial manufacturing , congratulations to Elan

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    Wow is it a time saver SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM is it safe what about the quality

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