WEBFI-TECH-IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk FINALLY Reveals New Plan To Buy Mercedes 2021!

When Tesla was still in its infancy, it got a little help from Daimler AG, the parent
company of Mercedes-Benz, in the form of a 50 million dollars investment, representing
a 10 percent stake! Now, Tesla is returning the favor by buying Mercedes completely!
Why is Tesla buying Mercedes, and what are the benefits of the purchase to Tesla?
Join us as we bring you the inside story of how Tesla’s insane new plan to buy
Mercedes changes everything!
If you look at the table of automobile companies ranked by their market capitalizations,
you will notice the steep drop from the first to the second position! Tesla occupies the
top stop, hovering near a trillion-dollar valuation. The company had even spent weeks in
the exclusive trillion-dollar valuation club occupied by Google, Apple, Amazing, Saudi
Aramco, and Microsoft! However, Musk having to sell his shares is taking a toll on the
stock price.
The effect, however, doesn’t bring the second company, Toyota, any closer to Tesla as
the Asian company is worth only a quarter of a trillion dollars! This is despite Toyota
selling millions of cars per year while Tesla is yet to have a million-unit production year
in all of its existence! Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes, is further down the list
with less than 10 percent of Tesla’s market share. This might sound like the most
extraordinary anomaly, as a company many decades old is overshadowed by a startup
yet to celebrate its second decade anniversary! This has not always been the case.
Daimler, for example, once invested 50 million dollars in Tesla, which meant a ten
percent stake in the startup! This was back in 2010. The investment was enough to get
a Daimler rep on the board. Daimler would cash out massively later, selling its shares in
Tesla for 780 million dollars less than five years later! Imagine, for a second, that
Daimler had held on to its shares! The value would be worth more than the company’s
whole value itself, at close to 100 billion dollars!
Interestingly, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, revealed Daimler was on the leading edge of
the field of sustainable mobility and was a leader in the lithium-ion pouch cell battery
development, and it interested Tesla! Daimler actually founded the Deutsche
Accumotive GmbH, a joint venture with Evonik Industries AG. As a result, Daimler is the
first vehicle manufacturer worldwide that develops, produces, and markets batteries for
automotive applications. This was based on a Daimler stockholding in Li-Tec, the
German specialist for lithium-ion battery cells. But how times have changed in regards
to battery production! Now, it is Tesla in pole position where batteries are concerned!
Tesla and Daimler have had productive collaborations in the past. Even Musk admitted
that Daimler’s engineering, production, and supply chain expertise would accelerate
bringing the Tesla Model S to production and ensure that it was a superlative vehicle on
all levels, which did happen! The Model S was another watershed moment in the history
of Tesla!
Daimler and Tesla first started working together over a decade ago, with Musk’s electric
automaker providing lithium-ion battery packs and charging technology for a Daimler
electric smart car. Tesla also provided Mercedes with the electric powertrains used to
power the electric Mercedes-Benz A-Class and B-Class electric cars before Daimler
divested from the company in 2014!
There is another reason a takeover of Daimler by Tesla is not so strange a possibility as
it might first appear to be! This is because things have changed so much in the auto-
making industry that German auto giants are afraid of Tesla!
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Elon Musk scares Mercedes-Benz and BMW: former GM and Ford exec Bob Lutz
This was revealed by a veteran of the automobile industry, Bob Lutz. He has seen it all,
having served as executive vice president and board member of Ford, president and
then vice chairman and board member of Chrysler, and vice chairman of General
Motors, basically all the Detroit Big Three!
Recently, Musk got a second consecutive Person of the Year Award granted by the FT
because of Tesla’s accomplishments in the auto sector. In an interview with the
publication, Musk noted that Tesla faced a lot of doubts when it started, with critics
calling the company fraud and its leader a fool. But when Tesla gained ground and
started taking meaningful market share from the world’s renowned car companies,
automakers changed their tune!

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    Omg 😱😍👍🏻

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    It's coming he's going to be the head of all car and more companies genius one owner

  • Grow Someplace on December 26, 2021

    A smart move for both companies.

  • Mike Wiley on December 26, 2021

    I think he should!

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    Good for Mercedez as Mercedez had Help Tesla before and now for Tesla to Return the favor

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    It would be a perfect fit for both company, Tesla gain quality and Daimler get more EV

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    Smart move, to do so.

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    The main reason Musk is even interested in Germany is it's large lithium deposits that were found to mine so that he can get his hands on the most valueble thing that brings him $$$. Smart move for him. . .

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    Wow! Now, my wife who drives
    our Mercedez, will want a new one! O.m.g. —————no.

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    I used to prefer BMW to Mercedes but I hear they are better built and newer models look amazing imho

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    Good video: note, it is pronounced Dime-ler or Die-mler

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    Tesla and Mercedes are both cults

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    Luts said electric

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    Most of you forget that there are trade unions in Germany which i don't think will easily allow such a trade deal.

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    Better make a twin turbo v6/v8 hybrid.

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    You think a foreign company will be allowed to take over most shares of a healthy german top 10 company? 🐑

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    Still think Tesla is a flash in the pan?!!

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    This video is an eye-opener for Apple because Mercedes is a high quality product and it creates fast competition with Elon Musk.

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