WEBFI-TECH-IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk FINALLY Reveals New Tesla Motorbike!

Tesla wants to provide an electric vehicle for everybody. This is why it is going into
different categories. It has the sedan, pickup, and truck covered. It has even promised a
quad-bike. There is, however, a category that is conspicuously missing in Tesla’s
product lineup, which is a motorcycle! That will not remain the case forever, though, as
Tesla is doing something about it!
Join us as we explore the Tesla Motorbike that is finally here!
Musk wants to accelerate the world’s transition to pollution free mobility. This is why he
is making battery powered cars that do not produce any tailpipe emissions! In a short
while, his company has become the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles. This
singular achievement saves billions of tonnes of emission from escaping to the
While there are many car owners for Tesla to convert from ICE to electric cars, there is
a segment that is not getting attention yet from Tesla, the motorcycle gang! These two
wheelers have their own devoted fans, with clubs and events arranged year-round.
Apart from enthusiasts that go all the way to customize and tweak their bikes, many
people rely on motorcycles for their daily transportation. Other businesses rely on bikes
to reach their customers, like food delivery, dispatch riders, etc.
The segment is large enough that other companies are stepping in with their own
electric motorcycles. Some of them include even the traditional manufacturers of gas-
powered motorbikes, including Harley-Davidson, which has the Livewire. The Livewire
might be electric, but it is priced out of the reach of the masses, which goes against
what Musk wants to achieve with electric vehicles.
BMW also has the CE 04 electric motorbike, which started as a concept but is now
coming as an actual product in 2022. It can reach 75 miles per hour with an electric
motor of 42 hp and last up to 80 miles on a single charge of its battery. It also has
integration with a smartphone app to monitor metrics.
There are several new names that Tesla needs to pay attention to in the world of
electric motorcycles. One of them is Zero Motorcycles, with its flagship Zero SF/R that
can hit 124 miles per hour and lasts for 200 miles! However, the starting price is a
whopping 21,500 dollars! To make matters interesting, the brand has been referred to
as the Tesla of electric motorcycles, a comparison the CEO of Zero is happy about!
There is another electric motorcycle that even copies some of Tesla’s moves. It is
Damon Motorcycles, which also makes high-performance two-wheelers. Its motorbike,
the Hypersport, can reach 200 miles per hour! Like Tesla, the power bike is connected
to the cloud and is packed with sensors and other high-tech wizardry!
That is not the end of the similarities as the Hypersport will be sold directly to
customers, avoiding the dealership model. The company is also accepting a reservation
fee from people who are interested in the bike, just like Tesla does with its electric
It is not a problem, however, for Tesla to go into a crowded market. It has the technical
expertise to design an excellent battery-powered motorbike. This is a company headed
by Musk, who builds rockets! It has also designed electric vehicles that have won many
awards and have top performances, from driving range to speed and to autonomous
Tesla does not have problems attracting talents as it always attracts the brightest. So it
is no problem for Tesla to set up a team for the Tesla bike, named the Model M.
Note that Tesla is not exactly starting from zero with an electric motorcycle. It revealed a
quad-bike alongside the Cybertruck and has promised to manufacture it at the same
time with the electric pickup truck and sell it as an accessory to the four-wheel vehicle.
Even though the Cyberquad that seats two has four wheels, all Tesla has to do is slim it
down to a two-wheeler, which is not a giant leap.
In choosing to make an electric motorbike, Tesla can make one of the many categories
of bikes. It could create an electric cruiser, off-roader, sportbike, touring, etc., or
combine two or more categories.



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