WEBFI-TECH-IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk Is FINALLY Testing Neuralink on Humans!

How would you like to become a superhuman, or at least a better version of yourself?
As usual, Elon Musk has some ideas on how you can do that! He believes you can
achieve this by implanting a chip in your head! This is no joke as Musk has been testing
chip brain implants in animals and is now testing them on humans using Neuralink
technologies! What is Neuralink, how will Musk implant the chip in human brains, and
what will Musk achieve with Neuralink?
Join us as we dive into how Musk is finally testing Neuralink on humans!
Many of us have had moments we wished for more brain power! Perhaps to tackle a
difficult school assignment, multitask to be able to meet deadlines, or learn some
concepts in a very limited time? What if our brains can go through a reawakening, or we
can simply add more processing power like we can add RAM to a computer?
All these are enticing possibilities that imaginative filmmakers have tantalized us with for
decades! Sci-fi’s show active, intelligent humans getting updates by opening up their
heads and adding more power. However, thanks to an ingenious businessman and
billionaire inventor, we might soon be living those films as a reality!
That man is Elon Musk, whose intelligence is in no doubt. Musk started Neuralink to
achieve what many people would assume is impossible. The company aims to build
implantable chips that will allow the human brain to interact with computers directly!
But what exactly is Neuralink? We will look into this before we get into how Musk is
putting it into the human brain!
Neuralink is a gadget that will be surgically inserted into the brain using robotics by
neurosurgeons. In this procedure, a chipset called the link is implanted in the skull. It
has a number of insulated wires connected from the electrodes that are used in the
process. This device can then be used to operate smartphones and computers without
having to touch it.
Give it up to Musk to try what others shy away from! This is the same man that wants to
settle people on Mars permanently while others debate the morality or ethics of such an
idea! Technologies like Neuralink have their critics but seeing the benefits, Musk will not
be stopped! Before looking at the benefits of Neuralink, how does it work?
Musk put it as ‘the neurons are like wiring, and you need an electronic thing to solve an
electronic problem.’ That is an oversimplified explanation, but we offer you what you
need to know here:
It is important to have some ideas of how the brain works. The brain consists of neurons
that transmit signals to cells in the body including muscle, nerve, gland, and other
neuron cells. Every neuron is made up of three parts called the dendrite, the soma or
cell body, and the axon. The dendrite receives the signals. The soma processes these
signals. The axon then transmits the signals to the other cells. The neurons are
connected to one another by the synapses which release neurotransmitters. These
chemical substances are then sent to another neuron cell’s dendrite causing the flow of
current across the neurons. The electrodes that are part of the Neuralink will read
electrical signals that are produced by several neurons in the brain. The signals are
then output in form of an action or movement, which is how you walk or lift an arm!
The Neuralink device is implanted directly in the brain because if it is placed on the
skull, it will not detect the signals produced in the brain accurately. Accuracy is very
important in applications like this. Musk says it charges wirelessly.
So what does Neuralink do? The main function, as already stated, is to bridge the gap
between the human brain and technology! This has many applications, including the
ones that will benefit a special class of people! For example, people who have suffered
paralysis and can’t move their body parts can use Neuralink to operate their phones and
computer directly with their brains. This will be useful for people who have suffered
diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It can also help people who have suffered
severe spinal injuries to walk again! People who can’t form speech can take advantage
of Neuralink, which will read signals in their brains and send them to a smartphone that
will turn them into human speech!
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That’s not all Neuralink can do though, as it can draw pictures, take photographs,
control heavy machinery with the brain directly, play games without physically touching
a controller, etc!
The possibilities with Neuralink are endless! And more applications are expected to
come up with time!
Musk started the company in 2016 and is the main source of funds. Neuralink has come
a long way since then! It has been tested in at least 19 different animals with a high
success rate.



  • Danielle Ramsey on December 20, 2021

    I might be interested in this?

  • Danielle Ramsey on December 20, 2021

    Wonder if it leaks acid or rusts.

  • camco1989 on December 20, 2021

    Wonder if hackers will come in.

  • Kathleen Davis on December 20, 2021

    I've been interested in this for a while now I would love to do it

  • Keely Evans on December 20, 2021

    If we make the employees happier they won't be having as much problems we're unhappy because we're tired of being stolen from and hearing the same circles

  • Kimberly on December 20, 2021

    In addition to hacking your bank account, business files, and car, now hackers can get into your brain.

  • Keely Evans on December 20, 2021

    Exactly; excellent work! I was trying to explain to them it almost felt like they didn't want to know

  • Keely Evans on December 20, 2021

    Really you've done amazing that is beautiful literally God's work what are they thinking tripping like they've been?

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