WEBFI-TECH-IT HAPPENED! Toyota FINALLY Reveals New Solid State Battery 2021!

Electric vehicles are nothing without batteries as they won’t move an inch! This is why
electric vehicle makers are working tirelessly on improving their batteries! The new
wave is solid state battery, which many companies are developing. One of the most
advanced companies in the development is Toyota, which has revealed a new car with
a solid state battery. What type of car has Toyota released, and what can its solid state
battery achieve?
Join us as we examine how Toyota finally reveals a new car with solid state batteries!
Electric vehicles are one of the most incredible inventions, and it is great that they are
gaining more adoption. They don’t cause pollution, are easier to drive, are faster, and
save you money on charging and maintenance! However, many people’s complaints or
reservations are tied to electric vehicles’ batteries.
For example, while electric vehicles can handle everyday trips easily, many people want
longer driving ranges, so they do not have to stop frequently on longer trips. And when
they do stop, electric vehicles take longer to charge than it takes to fill a gas tank. Some
electric models take about 45 minutes to charge the battery to 80 percent, while an
internal combustion engine can get enough fuel in under three minutes and be back on
the road!
Some people also fear for their safety inside electric vehicles as they feel they catch fire
easily. While electric cars do catch fire, they do so at a rate less than internal
combustion engine cars do! However, electric vehicle fires are usually blown out of
proportion and spend longer in the news cycle, making it seem they are riskier to
operate! Things are not even helped by General Motors recalling about 150,000
vehicles due to the risk of battery fire!
Electric vehicle makers will rather avoid all these real and imagined negatives. That is
why they are frantically working on a new kind of battery, named solid state battery,
which has lots of promises to fix these issues!
What are solid state batteries, and how are they better than the current batteries used in
electric vehicles?
Solid state batteries have some similarities with conventional batteries as they use
electrolytes as wells. However, instead of the liquid or gel electrolytes found in
conventional batteries, solid state batteries use solid electrolytes such as ceramics
made of thin layers.
Solid state batteries are the holy grail in the electric vehicle world, for reasons we shall
soon see. They are already in use in devices such as pacemakers and smartwatches.
The superiority of solid state batteries over conventional batteries is most evident in the
long driving ranges that they enable. This is because they have a significantly higher
energy density, meaning they will hold more charge. In fact, some experts believe solid
state batteries will help us cross the 1,000 miles range mark! They will be great for
electric trucks that require massive batteries to operate at a profit due to their larger
Apart from the extended ranges, solid state batteries charge faster than liquid lithium-
ion batteries, meaning drivers will spend significantly less time recharging the battery
during trips.
And because the electrolytes in solid state batteries are solid and not liquid, they are
more stable, meaning they are less likely to catch fire even at higher temperatures.
Ironically, this might mean more news coverage for electric vehicle fires because they
will become so rare that they will be sensational when they do happen!
There are many companies working with solid state batteries. Some of them are electric
vehicle makers, while others are battery research and development companies.
For example, Volkswagen is collaborating with QuantumScape, a company backed by
billionaire Bill Gates. Volkswagen will get the battery first, but QuantumScape will make
them available to other electric vehicle makers as well! In fact, Volkswagen is already
predicting 30 percent more range and 12 minutes to charge from 0 to 80 percent! And
they will start putting them in electric vehicles by 2024!
Stellantis is also working in a trio involving TotalEnergies and Chinese Contemporary
Amperex Technology Co Ltd, CATL. The consortium hopes to produce the first solid
state batteries in 2026!
Similarly, Ford and BMW have invested in a startup aptly named Solid Power, promising
50 percent more energy density and would be available in the mid 2020’es!
Other notable companies working on solid state batteries include Hyundai, Samsung,
and Toyota!
However, while solid state batteries promise to be a game changer, all these companies
are grappling with the same problems in their solid state battery development! Making
these batteries in the lab has been easy, but they run into issues scaling up for mass
production in electric vehicles!
It is hard to design a battery that uses a solid electrolyte that is stable, chemically inert,



  • TRUTH on December 10, 2021

    Clean And Power Our World With Water…

  • Handi Jobe on December 10, 2021

    5th comment med wood

  • Eric Mcnellis on December 10, 2021

    So, great a battery… why not make cars where they charge themselves and dont need a charging station. … and yes it is possible and yes it can be done.

  • Neckbreaker Gladiator on December 10, 2021

    Such push and still not there… we would have to finance all this development for years and ppl will just waste all their money buying these now as the government pushes it down our throats.

  • Arthur Wagar on December 10, 2021

    By the time SS batteries are in production something else will supersede it.

  • k richards on December 10, 2021

    The only way it would make sence is when you have a power source that gives unlimited power.

  • Brentt Adams on December 10, 2021

    What about solid state hydrogen?

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