The appearance of armored vehicles left a cardinal imprint on the rules of warfare. All states quickly realized the benefits of such mobile platforms, which have the ability to contain superior enemy forces. Maneuverable, powerful and effective tanks are a reliable basis for the Armed Forces of any country. The constant arms race, unofficially waged between the advanced countries of the world, obliges designers to create improved models of combat vehicles. The best tanks of our time are vehicles, each with unique features and capabilities. What are the best and most reliable combat vehicles? Find out in our video! You also have the opportunity to learn about the new European project of the tank of the future, on which they are already actively working! We present to your attention a rating of the most excellent tanks of our time!



  • KHETTIUS on October 25, 2021

    Let me introduce you to the best tank in history , the Fairchild A-10 "warthog" brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!.

  • B Shin on October 25, 2021

    Great video, my 2 cents worth:
    1. VT4
    Pakistani Army received deliveries just over a year ago and they cancelled the second delivery and met with Oplot producers to replace VT4.
    2. Type 10
    The great weight shaving came at a great cost. The frontal armour is much stronger than sides or rear. And it is still not rail transportable in Japan.
    3. K2
    M1A2, Le Clerc, Leopard II all costs well above $10m. K2 with sub $9m cannot be the most expensive tanks.

  • Steven Vater on October 25, 2021

    Tanks are now very vulnerable to drones armed with shaped charge

  • Marco Kleyn on October 25, 2021

    And soon to be announced-the worlds most powerful anti tank gun.Has anyone figured out that Molotovs still work really well-quite cost effective as well.

  • Vermiliontea on October 25, 2021

    Three have done their homework: Russia didn't want yet another 'Soviet' cannon-fodder-crew-crematorium. Israel need a tank that can also operate against anti-tank infantry in infantry country. USA are convinced that situation awareness and being first in the decision loop is everything. …And they are right. Which is why the M1 was and remains the best tank in the world. The rest are still preparing for the 1980s' WW3.

  • Paul Giblin on October 25, 2021

    Unless I missed it they left out the Merkava. Israels main battle tank.

  • Metro Lima on October 26, 2021

    Merkava no.1 tested

  • Merry Bolton on October 26, 2021

    Such a shame it can be taken out by a much cheaper drone up its ass

  • yfelwulf on October 26, 2021

    Ukraine hillarious using old Russian tech 😜

  • skwb1973 on October 26, 2021

    I am sure all these tanks are pretty awesome on their own but nothing exposes the incompetence of the user more than a modern MBT in action.

  • Michael Blackwood on October 26, 2021

    Stopped watching this poorly researched video of a wannabe "knowledgeable Youtuber" the moment he claimed that the Dutch Army uses the British Challenger 2.
    I mean it's really not hard to research which tank the Dutch Army uses….

    The truth: The Dutch Army was using German Leopard 2 tanks until the merging of the Dutch Tank Corps with the German Army through a Dutch tank company integrated in the German "Panzerbataillon 414".

  • Daniel Burgess on October 26, 2021

    Too many error of fact in ten and a half minutes of blah, blah, blah.

    Next time have the Chieftain copy edit your script. A small price for not appearing to be a fool.

  • CDaeda on October 26, 2021

    Whoever can produce tanks in large numbers will be superior.

  • Yorkshire on October 27, 2021

    Interessant in Syrien habe gegener es kaputt gemacht

  • Nunya Bidness on October 27, 2021

    Worst tank video ever? Perhaps.

  • Colin on October 27, 2021

    What do you mean by “and for the first ime a steering wheel was used to steer a tank”. That statement is completely false!

  • TheEVEInspiration on October 27, 2021

    Everything is fantastic, until tested in battle.

  • Zailan Zai on October 28, 2021

    With drone technology nowadays, tanks are are prone to attack from missiles.

  • John Gennari on October 28, 2021

    Steering Wheels are and have been used many times before

  • Louis Warmoth on October 28, 2021

    All are moving foxholes and everybody wants to kill one.

  • Storm Trooper on October 28, 2021

    Yah.. Just another item that correct dust..
    A waste of money and time.. 🥱🥱🥱

  • iSkyTV on October 31, 2021

    Imagine everybody has a tank instead of a car in future. A fighter jet instead of a private jet. A drone with machine guns and missiles. It's up to people around us to decide which direction they want the crowd to follow towards future. All the morals, philosophies and values are becoming obsolete to people.

  • Curtis Dowling on November 4, 2021

    The Abrams tank is the only proven tank next to the Israeli tank .

  • Malcolm Cloete on November 6, 2021

    Yes i agree totally a kindergarten wll be more suitable just killed the company's economic growth what a joke

  • Bryan Russell on November 9, 2021

    3:28 are the rod journals bolted into the crankshaft?

  • Lion of truth !! on November 13, 2021

    A tank’s crew is also really important in my opinion!!!! A good tank with a shity crew is only good for a bit not good for a long battle .

  • Souless Deeds on November 20, 2021

    I just want to see what new tank America ends up going with. The M1 is long in the tooth. A great tank for sure. But its time to upgrade to modern tank standards.

  • Tofu on November 26, 2021

    I'm just waiting on the Russians to roll out their Apocalypse tanks (Red Alert 2 – RA3)… 😂

  • Bill Isaac on December 5, 2021

    Which one is best suited for military use ? That made me smile, is there another use .

  • Pavle Pavlovic on December 16, 2021

    Most important things right now are Drones , Tank Drones also , unmanned tank platforms , small ones , agile , that is the best tank

  • thebangkokconnection on January 5, 2022

    Russian likes to bs about weapons. Remember when they broke up, they were a broke, paper tiger. Much of their equipment breaks down easily as we saw in Afganistan. Would not take Putins word if he was under truth serum.

  • Nico Steentjes on February 7, 2022

    3:59 mins: the Challenger 2 is not (!) in service with the Netherlands Army (unlike what is said in this video).

  • Quiznoe on February 23, 2022

    The only sad thing is that all the US military tech weapons always end up in the enemy's hands like the sniper rifles from Nato weapons manufacturers like Brittain and the US as well as other EU nations that the Russian separatist in Donetsk like to use more than their own Russian standard weapons supplied by Russia because they're more accurate and deadly and they're killing Ukrainian soldiers like flies!

  • David Gitty on March 9, 2022

    Sorry but tanks are a waste of money in todays army! Drones, Javs and NLAWS etc have the tanks number. They are almost now impractical on the battle field. Go all out and make drone swarms and suicide drones instead.

  • Chad Chads on March 12, 2022

    Challenger 2 was never supplied to the "Dutch" army

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