WEBFI-TECH-SpaceX Employee’s FINALLY Reveal What They Think About Elon Musk!

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Billionaires are fascinating people. However, billionaires that handle three complicated
businesses at the same time are in a special class of their own! Elon Musk falls into that
category, heading an EV company, a space company, and a tunnel-digging company!
Two of these companies have other challenging sub businesses! Two SpaceX
employees recently sat down on a show and what they revealed about their boss is out
of this world!
Join us as we examine Elon Musk as two SpaceX employees finally reveal what they
think about Elon Musk!
If you complain about having an unforgiving schedule, you need to see what Musk has
on his plate! Being the world’s richest man when you have not inherited your wealth is
no joke, and few people will be able to cope with the workload!
Musk runs Tesla, which is a whole job as he approves all major decisions. This is a
huge task considering the complexities of the company’s daily operation! On its way to
making electric vehicles the mode of transportation of choice for the whole of humanity,
Tesla is expanding rapidly. The expansion is happening on several fronts, across
products and facilities.
For example, Tesla is gearing up to release at least four new EV categories. The most
popular one is the Cybertruck, the electric pickup truck. Expectations for the truck are
huge, as it has reportedly gathered more than a million pre-orders and people grab
every opportunity to ask for updates on the truck.
Tesla has the Semi Truck, too, for which there are numerous buyers ready to throw
money at Musk. The CEO of Coca-Cola insists his company will take the delivery of the
first track this year!
Also in the pipeline is the next generation of the Roadster, Tesla’s first production
vehicle. It is expected to blow everything else away with performance!
Musk is also expected to produce the $25,000 electric car that will kick start another
phase of the electric revolution as the cheaper car will make more people switch to
zero-emission mobility.
One thing ties all these vehicles together: the new 4680 battery that will power each of
them. This new battery has been described as a turning point in Tesla’s battery history
because it is coming with enough improvements to have lasted several iterations!
But of course, you know electric cars and EV batteries are not the only products made
by Tesla! Musk has to keep track of solar panel production and battery storage products
sold by Tesla!
All these new products are coming while Tesla is rapidly ramping up production! It aims
to be making 20 million vehicles annually by 2030! But more immediately, Musk wants
to increase vehicle production by 50 percent year on year! So it has to increase its
production capacity globally, meaning Musk has to manage opening more factories all
over the world, which is not a small feat! For example, Giga Berlin has been a pain in
the neck to complete, with delays coming every quarter!
On the Boring front, Musk has a full plate there too. His aim is to build as many tunnels
underground as he is allowed to. He aims to prevent road traffic, but this involves a
complicated web of geographical politics and complex engineering that would be
daunting to navigate for most people. Granted, some of his ideas about mass transport
are too ahead for this time and have to wait for technologies to mature, but that is not
stopping Musk. While he waits for autonomous floating capsules to materialize, Musk is
willing to use Tesla electric vehicles driven by humans to move passengers in his
Coming to SpaceX, Musk’s plans are literally out of the world! His dream is to put
people on Mars permanently, an aspiration many people would treat with skeptics!
Musk didn’t plan to build rockets, but here he is making the biggest and most powerful
one, the Starship!
When you need to prove something is not difficult, you say it is not rocket science, but
Musk has been juggling building rockets with running two other companies, one of them
a trillion-dollar company with a very extensive and unstable supply chain!
Under his watch, SpaceX has designed, tested, and flown multiple rockets like the
Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy. SpaceX has launched both cargo and personnel for NASA
to the International Space Station, the only private company to do so! It has also
become routine for SpaceX to return astronauts to the earth!
What’s more, NASA is looking up to Musk’s SpaceX for the landing part of its mission to
the moon, a contract that costs 2.9 billion dollars and required SpaceX to beat
competitors including Blue Origin during the bidding stage!
Then there is the Starlink satellite business, which Musk started to generate funds for



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