WEBFI-TECH-Stunning Statement From Elon Musk

Elon Musk made a very interesting and fascinating statements about aliens. He talked about a great gate which is something that aliens cannot pass and that’s why we haven’t met them. So what is he talking about? We will analyze it.

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“I will end Apple’s Domination” – Elon Musk

Elon Musk Destroys Apple πŸ‘‰

Elon Musk – “Delete Your Facebook” πŸ‘‰

Elon Musk: I Will Tell You All about The Aliens: πŸ‘‰

Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos – It’s Getting Worse Every Day πŸ‘‰

Why Elon Musk Lives in a 50k priced Small House πŸ‘‰

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  • DB Business on January 12, 2022


    Elon Musk Destroys Apple πŸ‘‰

    Elon Musk – ''Delete your Facebook'' πŸ‘‰

    Elon Musk vs Jeff Bezos – It's Getting Worse Every Day πŸ‘‰

    Why Elon Musk Lives in a 50k priced Small House πŸ‘‰

  • Donna Keizer on May 8, 2022

    Go to Horses of the Bible Shepherds chapel……the word amber in EZEK. 1 it means highly polished bronze vehicles. UFOs nothing is unidentified to God. β™₯οΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ•ŠπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦β™₯️

  • Pamela Williams on May 8, 2022

    I love Elon πŸ’œ

  • Jeff Mots on May 8, 2022

    My opinion is Portals closed by God for our safety if man opens them very foolish they make themselves look good but Bible history says very bad very smart very cunning will minipulation of man to destroy each other when gods people who love God prayer will stop them God keeps them on a short leash


  • Ben Rodriguez on May 9, 2022

    Time and evolutionary growth have become a rediculous asumption incorporated into scientific theories. Evolution is a theory concluded by a man with inconclusive evidence. The man Darwin didnt even know what a cell consisted of. That technology was not available in his time. The Cambrian explosion and fossil records dont support his theory. Dr. Leakey was found to have combined human and primate bones to construct his " missing links ". That is all, take five.

  • An Electric Horse on May 9, 2022

    We all live on the same continuum. Our experience of this fact is described by our perceptions limited by our singular physics. We perceive height, width, depth and time. That is the story of our lives in a nutshell. So let me tell you a very personal alien story. We were happy hippies living on our boat called Noah’s Ark in Coconut Grove in the 70’s. It was a calm night so we opened the big windows and slept in the top bunks’. I was on the starboard side. I fell asleep a little worried about being broke as I would have to deal with that issue first thing come morning. The ocean was perfectly calm that night but something woke me up at 3 am. I looked out at the water and thought how peaceful it looked. Then from a distance I saw a beautiful blue, silver, violet light moving up the coastline towards us. Then it got very large and warped into a roll and then flashed away up the coast line. Woah did you see that I exclaimed to my partner and her young son sleeping on the other side. They were a little ruffled and just went back to sleep. I got up first and grabbed my mask and flippers determined to get some food on the table for breakfast. Usually we went to Tom’s Thumb onshore where we would eat breakfast and get a morning paper. Today, sadly we would have to be satisfied with some crayfish or whatever I could find below. I went overboard and was pleasantly surprised a how still the water was and there was perfect visibility. In fact I was stunned at what I saw on the ocean floor right under my vessel. There was a lawn chair on the reclined position with a length of garden hose laying alongside it stretched along the bottom and next to the chair a full sized palm tree in a pot ! I almost lost my breath in amazement but to really celebrate that moment of magical impossible beauty I laid back in the chair and marveled at the beautiful celestial shafts of light from the rising sun like it was coming through the stained glass of a temple. I smiled to myself and looked down between the plant and the chair and there in plain sight peaking through the moving silt of the bay floor as stretched out a perfect $20 bill. I picked it up and broke the surface with a yell : Hosannah get up we’re going to breakfast, but not before the two of them got to go down and checkout our miraculous ocean backyard magic. But the real surprise came when I got my morning paper at Tom’s Thumb. We had gotten our order in and with a smile and thought that all was just cosmic I opened my paper to read. UFO sighted and chased by multiple police jurisdictions from Key West to North Miami Beach at 3 am. Yes they are here but they move at a different speed and with a greater ability to relate to what we perceive as time. They knew my predicament and left me a personal message which has since always made me smile. I’ll never forget the night they turned by my vessel or the beautiful colors and timeless moment it left for me. They stitched a message in time and left it for me to realize.

  • Daniel Ash on May 9, 2022

    Gravity waves bend so much that it would be more difficult to find out.

  • Ron Stowell on May 9, 2022

    Dont like these videos where they use Elon Musk said……then it just a narration by someone else.

  • Blaine Houser on May 10, 2022

    Seeing as how The Dirty Dems are hell bent on starting a Nuclear war with Russia, we will be wiped out very soon. Seek the Lord.

  • Vikki Stock on May 10, 2022

    Elon you are Annunaki. Portals blocked at Roswell and Bethlehem. Wake up.

  • eric salles on May 10, 2022

    They're not going anywhere πŸ™„ Neil Armstrong knew Elon musk ain't going anywhere..

  • eric salles on May 10, 2022

    They were buzzing around .the top gun couldn't catch them the best america has .Elon what catch them .he won't be going there .

  • CJ on May 10, 2022

    the great failure of the great filter theory is the assumptions.. the theory is assuming aliens haven't been on earth. it also assumes governments and military complex are transparent with the information. such a stupid theory from 100 years ago.

  • CJ on May 10, 2022

    imagine aliens telling us "are you stupid? don't you see all those stars above your head?" we can barely reach our moon (not yet) and yet we are arrogant enough to claim to know there's no life out there. we humans are terribly stupid.

  • Tom Chastain on May 10, 2022

    Opinions are like Uranus….everybody has one….you can believe or not believe…what exists exists…people believe in a god they have never seen bcuz corrupt religion tells them to believe in a lie…when told the truth that we are not only life in infinite space people just can't believe that…but they keep teaching Santa Claus…EasterBunny…JESUS…ONE GOD. THERE IS ONE THING FOR SURE…STUPIDITY KNOWS NO BOUNDS

  • Jeff Again on May 10, 2022

    I think it's beyond stupid for us to judge other "alien" entities by our own measures. Humans may be constantly on the verge of wiping ourselves out but that has no bearing on how other societies may gauge life. To think that other species would consider what is or is not important is synonymous with our own prejudices, is the height of hubris.

  • John B on May 10, 2022

    Your Universe, earth, and human species, is NOT what you believe them to be ! It is just a 'STORY', displayed as a 'Holographic Simulation', in a very small Display Register, of "The Processing System of LIFE", while "LIFE the Real Self", which is Non-Dimensional, and does NOT represent, nor even remotely looks anything like any species, including the human species, is OBSERVING from OUTSIDE the Display Register !

  • Farmer on May 11, 2022

    1 , aliens are still visiting earth doing exactly what they want, and no government will admit they *do not have full control * of anything. People aren't abducted either, rather they are( contacted )

  • J. G. on May 11, 2022

    While the greatest intelligent people in this world have never given definitive answers, only theories, it will always blows my mind to see that some people think they know the answers. But we understand that these people are not, or they even are more stupid than the majority of people. Simply because once you think you know everything, you stop looking !

  • TheCatalyst999 on May 11, 2022

    If we are spiraling through space why are beings are satellites that are sent out not getting left behind? Universe is moving at a pretty fast clip. Why is it not akin to jumping out of a speeding car?

  • Arthur Thomas Ware on May 12, 2022

    We Human Beings experience our consciousness of being through a small number of narrow, sensory portals. We see within a narrow spectrum. We feel within a narrow band of frequencies, e.g. we don't feel radio waves, or television waves, etc, though they are there. We also hear only through the narrow band of audible frequencies.

    Now, I put it to you, another species of intelligent being, indeed, infinite numbers of intelligent beings, could exist in frequency spectrums beyond our ken.

    What arrogance to imagine that WE, with all our shortcomings, hang ups, are the only one of God's creations what has awareness of its awareness.

  • Sascha Atta on May 12, 2022

    Aliens πŸ‘½ defiantly exist.. God stated in 7 verses of the Holy Quran…

  • retic35 on May 13, 2022

    There not aliens there demons and musk is not your saviour he's the antichrist in revelations

  • MadMax's Dog on May 13, 2022

    Our solar system is relatively young, there could have been interstellar alien civilisations who lived and died out way before Earth even existed.

  • Allen Burt on May 13, 2022

    Fermi Paradox…What a crock of BS!
    They have been working on planet Earth for millions of years.
    And whar's more, our Lord is the eldest and most powerful lifeform and he controls them all.
    He may have been in existence for as long as eight BILLION years…
    That's enough time for such a life form to develop into a perfect being.
    Human history has only existed for a very few million years.
    Now good Christians, don't be angry with me…The Truth is out there and He Is PERFECT.
    Open your minds, along with your human-written Canons, and THINK!

  • Allen Burt on May 13, 2022

    Fermi Paradox…What a crock of BS!
    They have been working on planet Earth for millions of years.
    And whar's more, our Lord is the eldest and most powerful lifeform and he controls them all.
    He may have been in existence for as long as eight BILLION years…
    That's enough time for such a life form to develop into a perfect being.
    Human history has only existed for a very few million years.
    Now good Christians, don't be angry with me…The Truth is out there and He Is PERFECT.
    Open your minds, along with your human-written Canons, and THINK!

  • Jay Randall on May 14, 2022

    It is obvious to us all that the oldest Stone Construction on this Earth is the best stone construction that was ever created and all the stone structures and all the stone it abilities have been depleted in time we still can't even refabricate the work that was done and we cannot even date truly when the best stone work was done we simply are guessing at how old it is they have been here they have built here and they are still out there maybe even Among Us but according to historical records written in stone some of them lived thousands of years while they were here so pick up your pic and shovel and start digging for that gold that we were designed for recognize ancient history written in stone the best stonemasons ever we're lost to antiquity everything else since then has been less and just a guess

  • janet evans on May 14, 2022

    Omg b4 all musk I knew about aliens at the age if 8 and I'm sure many others have and am a normal poor girl

  • Tim Stark on May 15, 2022

    what do you want? what can you tolerate?

  • Murray Family on May 15, 2022

    I know that aliens exist, because I’ve seen a UFO, end of conversation.

  • Juan Martin on May 16, 2022

    I love how when they're talking about lack of evidence of aliens they're actually showing evidence of aliens while they're saying there's lack of evidence

  • masarati 73 on May 16, 2022

    This video is 100% imagination and another 100% speculation with out any base or reason.

  • Icecream Inc on May 16, 2022

    How about, Aliens have been watching us. And saw that we are to be avoided, because we can't grasp the most basic of concepts. "hey look at these talking monkeys, now they are fighting over whether or not they are male or female". "if you make a mistake, no matter how long ago, you are over, finished, persona non grata". and lets not forget, "we need to make a weapon so devastating, so destructive, we could annihilate all life on this planet…. because we were attacked during a war, and our pants were ALL the way down".

  • Znobyrd on May 17, 2022

    What about the idea that extraterrestrials are fallen angels, and have been here all along, mostly hiding inside the earth?

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