WEBFI-TECH-The 2022 Tesla Semi is Genius, And Here’s Why

The Tesla Semi is about to begin rolling out, despite being widely viewed as a late product. However Tesla is the only electric vehicle maker that will have battery capacity thanks to the ramp up of their 4680 battery cell, which will actually allow them to produce the Semi. Competitors have low range truck offerings that they can’t even produce. Tesla hasn’t discussed its payload capacity much, but naysayers believe that the Tesla Semi is impossible to build since it won’t have the payload necessary to be useful. This is incorrect, and Tesla will indeed have a payback period of 2 years or less especially since diesel prices continue to rise, making the Tesla Semi even more competitive.
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• The DECLINE of General Motors:
• Why Tesla will CRUSH Volkswagen in Europe:


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  • TMIO Tesla on January 23, 2022

    Do you think the Tesla Semi will deliver better specs than what Tesla originally unveiled? And what will be its biggest challenge going forward, batteries, production, competition, or meeting the specs? Be sure to watch:
    • The DECLINE of General Motors:

    • Why Tesla will CRUSH Volkswagen in Europe:
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  • Bob Skeway on February 13, 2022

    Not ordering a Tesla Semi Soon ! Could not fit in my garage with my 2021 Model Y! Cyber Truck Maybe !!! Or new Model Y with 4680 batteries which we ordered! This will be a money maker as 18% of vehicles on the road are Semi's and EV one would be a "Game Changer" for the trucking busines for costs to to the freighting companies who deliver our goods nation-wide!! Will be a huge money maker for Tesla when it works. Great vision Tesla!!

  • Steve Ezzeddine on February 13, 2022

    I literally came from the Adam something video… load of crap.

  • BloxyCos on February 17, 2022

    Elon Musk is the Albert Einstein of our time, for real

  • Toppled Turtle on February 18, 2022

    Please don't put autopilot in these trucks. I don't want to die to that crap yet. Not that it will ever be allowed to used on the road until they are able to show anything that is even remotely capable of safe autonomous driving

  • Bunny on April 1, 2022

    I like Adam something on other topics. He shouldn’t talk about electric cars. Same with thunder foot.

  • percipience on April 5, 2022

    batteries – all about batteries

  • Bill Cichoke on April 5, 2022

    Main reason it's genius? 'Cause it STILL isn't a real vehicle for sale, yet Tesla is valued as if it is.

    That takes fraudulent genius as well as steel balls for audacity.

  • Paul McGreevy on April 7, 2022

    Let me just educate you about the phasing out of fossil fuels in the decades to come. Fossil fuel use is growing around the world. All expanding economies use increasing amounts of fossil fuels either directly or indirectly. Half of global oil production is used for product manufacturing. Every ounce of steel ever made was made using coal since steel is an alloy of iron and coal. Technological advancements fuelling ever accelerating global economics will voraciously consume all available fossil fuels for the foreseeable future. All of the ‘renewables’ infrastructure that will attempt to replace the fossil fuel infrastructure will be made using fossil fuels until the day comes when the energy poverty caused by politicians trying to force economically unviable renewables brings about their replacement with more realistic politicians.

  • Pene Machine on April 8, 2022

    This dude is a Tesla fanboy and Elon meat rider that thinks that anybody that disagrees with him is automatically wrong and that Tesla is superior in every way

  • William Lloyd on April 11, 2022

    News Release by LONG BEACH, LOS ANGELES HARBOR COMMISSIONS APPROVE CLEAN TRUCK FUND dated April 2022. Tesla should strive to get semi and chargers out the door ASAP so companies / independent truckers can take advantage of the new program

  • Richard on April 20, 2022

    Is this scam still going on?

  • BD Pershing on April 25, 2022

    We honestly need more "performance" EVs that's where alot of breakthroughs come from.

  • Obelix van Syntax on April 26, 2022

    The biggest problem will be the electric power, as the energy costs are just unpredictable and if there is high demand the energy costs will get sky-high…if all technology swaps towards electric engines the world needs an enormous increase in power plants and necessary infrastructure…

  • dwayne knoll on April 27, 2022

    Infrastructure will be the most difficult problem. Charging facilities and current load. The mega chargers will likely need MAGA battery’s to support the large spikes in current draw. Not impossible, but this will take time. At about 3.6 kWh of electrical energy our fleet would need about 7.2 gwh per week.(2000 gallon diesel. Or 1.2 gwh per day. A lot of wiring and additional load to the grid.

  • Edgar K on April 29, 2022

    LoL I was just watching this video after watching Adam's video to hear abother opinion I didn't expect you to directly mention him

  • Becka on May 5, 2022

    Making it solar means that the semi will not have to stop for gas or electric they can keep going. No more lock lizards no more gas stations. it's a win win!

  • Richard Steel on May 7, 2022

    I am a Model 3 owner and a truck driver I can state a few things electric trucks are probably not going to work until the truck itself meaning the cab the sleeper and the driver can be removed from the equation. With just a trailer and a power unit I think electrics in over the road trucking Will be successful. If you eliminate the driver you eliminate the need for the truck itself and all the expensive heavy things that come with the driver. The point some are making about battery capacity and weight is super important for every extra pound that a battery weighs that's less freight that you can carry. All important equations when talking about trucking efficiencies. Currently my 2022 Freightliner gets about 13 and 1/2 mi per gallon on average and when you think about it pound for pound that's actually more efficient with less pollution than a Toyota Prius. What's interesting about that is the regulations are tight on me but not on the Toyota Prius.
    I would also add that the 80,000 weight limit is not necessarily for safety but because of road loading. Meaning somebody arbitrarily said trucks over 80,000 lb tear up the road faster. Heavier trucks actually have a shorter stopping distance than lighter trucks do. In the rest belt and in Canada you will see larger trucks than what you typically see in America and they will typically have an added axle sometimes on the truck sometimes on the trailer sometimes both the truck and the trailer have an added axle. This is for the weight distribution to reduce road loading.

  • Maxwell S on May 8, 2022

    Great review!

  • BrickBatDad on May 9, 2022

    Amazing video!.. nice work!!!

  • KENNETH READ on May 9, 2022

    That’s a great comeback on Adam
    Can’t believe he doesn’t even take in consideration of weight difference between electrical and diesel. Adam is so wrong on so many deferent levels. This is just the start trucks I think should be the first EV not auto.

  • Colin Genge on May 9, 2022

    even if the cost to operate the electric semi trailer trucks was five times that of a diesel truck we still need to replace the diesel trucks because they are a major carbon dioxide contributor as well as particulates, nitrous oxide and volatile organics. The internal combustion engine industry has gotten a free ride by dumping all those toxins into the environment for absolutely no cost to the fuel companies or the users of diesel trucks. It’s time that stopped.

    However, it’s clear that in a few years and electric truck will move freight at around 20% of the cost of a diesel truck. No amount of renting from diesel truck drivers that will change that but they should know that if they’re thinking of buying a new diesel truck it may be absolutely worthless in about five years.

    Tesla didn’t become worth more than all of the car and truck manufacturers combined for no reason. Those who have done the math know that electric vehicles will be the rule in 10 years which can already seen by the rate of acceleration and implementation doubling from last year and probably tripling into the next year.

  • UnShapingTheEarth on May 9, 2022

    gee, sure would suck if one of these apple.. oops i mean tesla products broke, I mean parts and labor must be insane compared to fossil fuel vehicles

  • donald carl on May 10, 2022

    Musk is like Trump, He gets the job done.

  • henry twigger on May 13, 2022

    500 miles isn't long range. It'd be ok for shunting around the docks though.

  • si2foo on May 13, 2022

    the reason tesla semi's are bad idea's is because there is a lack of charging points to charge them also i can't see people wanting them if that is the cabin tesla has.

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