WEBFI-TECH-This Russian Fighter Jet SHOCKED The World

Nowadays, military aircraft compete with each other not only in speed, maximum flight altitude and load, but also in the level of perfection of onboard equipment. The best airplanes in the world are stealthy, high-speed and incredibly complex machines that not every developed country can produce. During various air shows and exhibitions, one often comes across the fact that each of the participating countries calls their planes the best in the world. In reality, it is extremely difficult to evaluate and compare the qualities of winged aircraft, especially fighter jets. But we will still try to figure it out and highlight the best representatives! In our video, you will also learn about the supernovae in the world of aviation, which Russia recently surprised the whole world with! We present to your attention the rating of the best fighter jets in the world!



  • Chris Hadwyn on September 26, 2021

    F22 is the best one

  • Chris Hadwyn on September 26, 2021

    F22 is the best one

  • Melco Tj Jackson on September 26, 2021

    The Russian felon sound like head-to-head combat against American-made fighter planes

  • Andreas Leonardo on September 26, 2021

    Too nice video about world fighter jets of several main producer countries…I think F-35 lighting ll most suitable for military actions…because it has superiority in main required characteristics as fighter jet…F-22 raptor are not allowing for exporting

  • MT Thunder Beast on September 26, 2021

    The F-15 still has the best overall record but my question still is… why doesn't anyone talk about the SU-37 Terminator?

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