WEBFI-TECH-“This SpaceX Spacesuit is EMBARRASING” – Elon about $20 million high tech spacesuit

🚀What makes this space suit so unique?

The traditional design of spacesuits that NASA has overseen over the last few decades have been stuffy and pretty much depicts a poor sense of fashion. No matter how serious a space mission is, there is nothing that astronauts cannot look badass in whatever gear they are wearing onboard the spacecraft. They will enjoy a significant boost to their confidence metre as many of them will see their dream of donning a significantly high-tech space suit, probably with some AI speaking to them comparable to Jarvis in the Iron man suit.

A lot of these might remain unregistered among the massive pile of work to be done to get a man to be able to navigate through our entire solar system. But it made for great news when SpaceX released a fantastic Spacesuit design that would put NASA to shame despite all their time spent monopolizing the space industry.

Like every other Elon Musk-inspired tech, the suit is advanced and nothing like what NASA has given us. What makes this space suit so unique? How would people rate it with the past spacesuits that NASA has commissioned astronauts to wear every time they are on a mission? What are the technological features of SpaceX’s spacesuit? We know you have so many questions, and we will provide you with all the answers you need subsequently.

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