WEBFI-TECH-Voidke on Tesla Giga Berlin: “We Urgently Need an Acceleration of The Approval Process”

In an interview to German publication Tagesschau, Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Voidke spoke of Tesla Giga Berlin and called for faster approval procedures.

Construction at Tesla Giga Berlin has stopped several times in 2021 because of the current approval procedures. Giga Berlin’s construction has stopped due to elapsed payment deadlines, the laying of sewer pipes without the permission of the authorities, illegal coolant tanks or the plans to build a battery factory in addition to the car factory:

There were several reasons for delaying Tesla’s billion-dollar project in Grünheide last year.

Prime Minister Woidke is generally pushing for faster approvals not only for Giga Berlin, but also for other similar prodjects.

“We urgently need an acceleration of the approval process in the way that it was 30 years ago in the eastern German states,” said the SPD politician. “To this end, the length of the procedures in the authorities and the number of legal bodies to which objections can be lodged against the projects must be clearly limited.”

“If we now accept a ‘business as usual’ with the expansion of renewable energies, the construction of transmission networks and the expansion of rail connections, we will not be able to ensure climate neutrality and prosperity,” warned Woidke. The SPD, the Greens and the FDP have agreed in the coalition agreement that the planning and approval process should be faster.


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  • TwoLargePizzas on January 5, 2022

    Further delays won't look good on Germany for future manufacturing companies.

  • dalanscott on January 5, 2022

    I heard in this video that the region wants to encourage more businesses to set up shop in their area. Good luck with that, the way your bureaucratic system is set up, what other company would want to build there, and deal with all your red tape. No thanks.

  • david peters on January 5, 2022

    Should have built in Poland and Hungary

  • sdalessio76 on January 5, 2022

    germany is making a fool of the whole world, instead of accelerating the transition to a greener world, it is doing the opposite !!

  • Dave Kozlowski on January 5, 2022

    Your reports just get worse and worse. You now state approval MAY happen in January. Probably with the condition that they don't run any of the equipment yet.
    I'm a subscriber but at this point it's more for entertainment purposes than anything else. 2 minutes of 'breaking news' and then just repeats of previous videos.

  • Flay Mil on January 5, 2022

    Someone is Lying and someone is telling the truth. I wonder who.

  • Paul Hill on January 5, 2022

    Germany is really look dumb. They are destroying their future with the business community. If you were considering build a plant would you build it in Germany or Poland or the Czech Republic. VW already produces cars in the Czech Republic and I would bet a lot of money that if the Berlin plant would have been built there, it would be in production. The German government clearly does not understand that in business time is money….

  • BRIAN BASSON on January 5, 2022

    Deliberate delays to stop Tesla from starting production in Germany with obvious links by the Environmental groups to German Legacy Auto, as has been proved. I'm afraid this whole excersize will do much damage for future investment in Germany by outside entities. The example of Tesla water consumption vs. a Coal Mine … wonderful for clean energy production (viva Green League, etc.) is a clear example of what exactly is going on behind the scenes. It does not make sense that what Tesla is bringing to Germany is over-scrutinized while there is more urgent environmental issues that these organizations can focus on w.r.t. the so-called carbon neutral issues and timelines !! Time to wake up and prove your actual worth and supposed mission.

  • Chris Acevedo on January 5, 2022


  • ShadowCabalist on January 5, 2022

    This is all crap, the so called environmental organizations are funded by VW. Building in Germany was a mistake.

  • Bernd Schmitt on January 5, 2022

    ELON has to learn from BILL GATES , who is the much better " political entrepreneur " .
    He ( BILL) is sponsoring the german MAINSTREAM MEDIA with millions and he did "Personal Friendship shootings" with Angela Merkel. So he had access to the " TAGESSCHAU" in the prime time and the MEDIA are preparing and securing him the way through his projects. No regional politic-guy would dare to build up obstacles. Because facts and figures are no longer relevant – the political class just wants to play it save without personal risk. So they keep a foot in the door in " granting a conditional permission " This is nothing like a piece of POLITICAL SHIT !.
    Elon cannot accept this , whatever may happen . HE MUST BUY THE MEDIA – there is no other way. Just think about – how many potential enemies in germany he has – and NO REAL FRIENDS !!!
    Even the green party – who is acting hard to destroy the existing car industry – will not stand up to help him . It has always been hard for GENIOUS PEOPLE to fight against the IQ100 guys .
    Greetings from germany – the land of overwhelming bureaucracy – where it takes more than ten years to build a new airport in BERLIN-BRANDENBURG. Elon – please think about that !!!!

  • Don Fields on January 5, 2022

    "Buying" Mercedes and partnering with Toyota has probably lit some fires under corrupt asses. Not to mention public disdain buuut they still have their bs union "trump" card to pull (and god i hate even using that word after our trustfunder sociopathic fat cheeto "president" debacle). AND the ignorant still think that scumbag from the bottom of the swamp is the best president ever… NOPE they blew our best president evers head off on live TV after he said he was exposing the elite puppeteer "cartel" pling the strings on global economies, wars, unrest, etc etc…RIP JFK you were loved and appreciated and even IKE before him probably wiser mentioned this "cartel" in his leaving office speech. JFK why did you show your hand!!! Such a sad day and swept under the rug shamelessly… and who didnt allow info out recently … BIDEN THE IDIOT PUPPET so yeah… it doesnt matter who we vote for THEY CHOSE BOTH CANDIDATES …you think your all free AMERICA AND MOST OTHER COUNTRIES??? wtfu and think for yourselves… if not thinking for yourself, researching your own story/you are listening to mass media news blindly…your a slave PERIOD.

  • Luis Yamberla on January 5, 2022

    Germany's attitude shows that they do not want to advance in electrification

  • Rocky Tillman on January 5, 2022

    So should I "Like" and "Subscribe"? I only heard you guys tell me like 5 times. We all know it only counts when you tell us 10 times.

  • Mahesh Katechia on January 5, 2022

    Open the Tesla factory Brandenburg !

  • Kha Le on January 5, 2022

    Should have built in Poland. The next plants should be in Poland, India.

  • blackmoresarchangel on January 5, 2022

    Really?Elon and Tesla will not have any problem moving this plant.You keep repeating the same story 100 times.Move the plant,lose the jobs and taxes..Stop talking bullshit..Elon is not a person to mess with.Tell us about the coal mine close by rhat uses 171 times the water and without permits It was shut t down twice.

  • Matthew Pastrikos on January 5, 2022

    Oh so now Brandenburg's Prime Minister wants Tesla Giga Berlin to succeed?

  • F1 Al on January 5, 2022

    How much revenue is lost per day due to German over regulation. The whole world is looking on and laughing. In the time it takes to open a factory in Germany you can produce 500,000 cards in China

  • Robert Smith on January 5, 2022

    Conditional approval could hamper production by setting low limits on water use etc. Internal combustion auto manufacturers are working overtime to keep this plant from operating and when they have to let it operate then to keep it at the lowest possible production rate.

  • D P on January 5, 2022

    Tesla should have built their plant somewhere in Eastern Europe. Germany is ridiculous. Brandenburg airport took 17 years to approve construction + 14 more years to construct it. Just a short 31 years later they have created a flat piece of concrete that planes can land on, LOL

  • Trout Trout on January 5, 2022

    Germany is the wrong place for this factory

  • Greg G on January 5, 2022

    Bearish on Germany, they should feel deep shame.

  • Carl9524 on January 5, 2022

    Germany seems like such a depressing place.

  • David Denley on January 5, 2022

    It really is about time Germany stopped messing around and gave Tesla the green light!
    All we hear is threats or conditions or other pathetic excuses for holding Tesla back we'll make the most of it Peasants, you'll not do this with anyone else because no one will want to go through this charade with you!

  • dwb3450 on January 5, 2022

    …and don't forget the lizard delay…. Given what Elon and team now know…. in hindsight, I gotta believe they would have picked a different site. Sounds like Poland is the new Texas!

  • Jimmy Sunshine on January 5, 2022

    About time!

  • T Samuel on January 6, 2022

    Berlin startup with conditional approvals is the only way to get a timely start. The factory is not done. Even the grass is part of the drainage system. They may have to do things that are totally normal for large projects like drill a well and provide water samples to prove they do not have toxic leaks. They may have to build a water tower and install backup generators to insure an orderly shutdown in a normal power outage. This sort of thing is how a speedy startup is done.

  • Richard Cogbill on January 6, 2022

    I'm just going to predict a start sometime in Feb or early March. I think allowing the factory to start operations with conditions will be another hurdle for Tesla. Meanwhile at Giga Texas, there appear to be no obstacles to speak of. We're just waiting for things to start.

  • André Andre on January 6, 2022


  • Jakes Jacobs on January 6, 2022

    If Germany is trying to attract foreign investors, they're not setting a good example with giga Berlin, they need to realise that its the 21st century, and that things must happen at a faster pace .
    Beurocrocy is a swear word in modern society, if you want to succeed.

  • A Bou on January 6, 2022

    Haha. Quality is worth the wait. 💎🙌

  • The Electric Man on January 6, 2022

    hope they get approved

  • ann nguyen on January 6, 2022

    Trade every crazy one for one Elon

  • Googadis Beotches on January 6, 2022

    They have many years to work with in the speed up of the approval of the Tesla airport so they have so many excuses for their present extreme level of incompetence due to the extreme level of their past incompetence.

  • Myron P on January 6, 2022

    This channel has turned into an anti Tesla channel.You have no idea what the hell you are talking about.You repeat the same news over and over endlessly

  • Leonard Lackey on January 6, 2022

    Today, already!

  • Torque News on January 6, 2022

    Tesla stock will split multiple times this decade.

  • Jim Thunda on January 7, 2022

    When you rely on bureaucracy for efficiency your already defeated.
    They have too many supporters in manufacturing that demand to be protected.

  • aclemons13 on January 7, 2022

    Most Unions are bias and over charge there members and will only defend there members if they company doesn't have the shop steward in there pocket. Its ran like the topical organize crime movie. They never ask for stock options for the members proving that the union doesn't want no one but it corporate members to become wealthy. That's why the fight is continuing because a union doesn't preach for it's members to become wealthy only live a little better. That's there moto , imo

  • James Stavros on January 8, 2022

    I'm not going to hold my breath….

  • Kanwar Puri on January 8, 2022

    Lots of words but nothing concrete. Waste of time.

  • Torque News on January 8, 2022

    NEWS: Watch Tesla Giga Berlin's battery production building nearing completion.

  • Frank Woodman Jr on January 9, 2022

    Having authorities say things should go faster all while continuing to drag along would be funny if wasn't so costly and destructive.

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