WEBFI-WordPress-How to Add a Featured Content Slider in WordPress

Do you want to add a featured content slider like Yahoo or ESPN? Many popular sites have content sliders to show their latest content but not all themes have a built in slider. In this video we will show you how to add a featured content slider in WordPress.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

Start by installing and activating the Soliloquy plugin and activating your license.

You will need the developer level license for this.

Click the addons tab then find, install, and activate the Featured Content and Themes addons.

Create a new slider under Soliloquy, Add New and you will see an option for featured content that you will want to select.

You can select specific posts or leave it blank to use all posts.

Sticky posts can also be included to add at the start of the slider.

The post offset will skip that many posts before adding posts to the slider.

Adding a link to the post url can be good to allow a direct move to the posts shown.

Fallback image is used if a post does not have an image that can be used and it can be anything you like.

And many more options available for styling the slider.

After clicking publish you can add the slider using the shortcode or adding the template tag to your theme’s files.

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  • Rachel's Fuel on October 25, 2015

    Great tutorial!

  • christinet328 on March 19, 2016

    how else can someone get a feature slider without a developer key?

  • P F on June 7, 2016

    You NEED to have mentioned that you MUST buy the pro version of the content slider in order to follow this tutorial. I was racking my brains trying to figure out why I couldn't access the add ons. Not a helpful tutorial at all!

  • Dmn Ytb on August 30, 2017

    Please show us how add featured slider without having to pay for a plugin? Or are there any free alternatives?
    +WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials

  • Immas Anggung on March 15, 2019

    this not free?

  • Nidhi Thakkar on August 18, 2020

    if in my content there are video URL of YouTube Embed then it will be show video in Slider??

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